Hannah's Headlines- 10/12/2018

NATIONAL FARMER’S DAY, Tomorrow is International Skeptics Day

Your Boyfriend May Fantasize About Cuddling With Strangers According To Study.

A new survey found that men secretly fantasize about cuddling with strangers. Researchers at Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed more than 1,600 Americans and Europeans in relationships and found that both men and women have thought about snuggling with exes, strangers, friends or acquaintances. According to the survey, 16.8 percent of males and 21.5 percent of females fessed up to fantasies of nuzzling next to someone other than their partner. There are, however, still some stereotypical carnal desires. Almost 70 percent of boyfriends and 65 percent of girlfriends have thought about having sex with a third party.

  • Would you prefer to cuddle with a stranger than have sex with him or her?

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/10/10/your-boyfriend-

Millennials blamed for killing American cheese: Millennials get blamed for a lot of things these days, and the latest accusation has to do with American cheese. Apparently, the popularity of American cheese is on the decline, and it’s all thanks to the younger generation.

According to a Bloomberg report, sales of processed cheese brands like Kraft Singles and Velveeta have gone down 1.6% this year, with the report noting that Millennials these days are “demanding nourishment from ingredients that are both recognizable and pronounceable.”

The decline in popularity can even be seen at fast food restaurants, with places like Wendy’s, A&W Canada, McDonald’s, Cracker Barrel and Panera Bread all adding fancier cheeses to their menu items. Source: Bloomberg 

The Cities Happiest, And Least Happy, With Their Boss

It’s not uncommon to hear someone complain about hating their boss, but it turns out, there are more people out there who feel good about the person in charge than feel bad about it. 

A new survey by OfficeTeam finds that 80% of workers are happy with their boss, with only 20% giving their boss a negative review. Overall, 49% give their manager high marks for being a good leader, and 37% actually think they are a good mentor with 34% considering them a friend. As for those who don’t like their boss, 23% describe them as a micromanager, while 16% say they are incompetent.

And it seems where you live may determine whether you like or dislike the head honcho. Overall, the survey finds that workers in Indianapolis are happiest with their bosses, while employees in Boston are the least happy. 

Top Five Cities Where Employees Are Happiest With Their Boss

1. Indianapolis, IN2. Salt Lake City, UT3. Los Angeles, CA3. Chicago, IL 3. Miami 

Five Cities Where Employees Are Least Happy With Their Boss

1. Boston, MA2. Washington, DC 2. Phoenix, AZ 3. Detroit, MI 3. Cincinnati, OH  

Source: OfficeTeam



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