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OMG, Sour Cream & Onion Pringles-Flavored Ramen Exists

Acecook "Supercup" is celebrating its 30th anniversary by collaborating with Pringles to bring ramen fans the ultimate mash-up: Pringles Sour Cream & Onion and Pringles Jalapeñ0 & Onion flavor ramen. Talk about the perfect late-night snack...Read more...

People Reveal Why They Don’t Wear Their Wedding Ring

When people get hitched, most of them proudly wear their wedding rings so everyone knows that they have found “The One,” but it turns out there are some married folks who slip that ring off now and again, and now some are spilling the beans as to why. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has marrieds revealing the reasons why they take off their wedding ring and some have us questioning why they ever got married in the first place.

Reasons folks take off their wedding ring include:

  • “When I’m mad at my fiancé I take off my wedding ring. I haven’t worn it in about a week.”
  • “I take off my wedding ring when I see someone who could make my husband be my future ex-husband.”
  • “I’m 40.5 weeks pregnant and had to take off my wedding ring because my fingers were swelling. I’ve already gotten dirty looks and people telling me I ruined my life being an ‘unwed teen mom.’”
  • “When I go to a bar I take off my wedding ring so guys will by me drinks.”
  • “I’m a pole dance teacher and I work at a bar, but I take off my wedding ring for both because it helps business.”
  • “Sometimes I take off my wedding ring and let guys hit on me when my husband’s not around to boost my ego. I’ll never ever cheat though.”
  • “I take off my ring to flirt with other men. My husband never wears his ring and flirts with other girls. Fair is fair.”
  • “Sometimes when I’m home alone I take off my wedding ring and imagine I’m free. I should have never married him.”
  • “I take off my wedding ring when I poop because I’m deathly afraid of it falling off into the toilet.”

Source: Daily Mail

What Are The Most Common Mega Millions Numbers Drawn?

Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is worth a whopping 970-million-dollars and sales are brisk.

People in 44 states are dreaming about what they’d do with that kind of money, but first they have to win it. So what are the most common numbers drawn in Mega Millions? We’ve got them! In order of most drawn they are:

2, 17, 31, 39, 4, 46, 29, 5, 20, 35. Each of these numbers has been drawn over 200 times.

Lottery officials say the prize amount crossed over the 900-million mark due to "brisk sales" across the country. Winners can take the cash option, which would now be 548-million-dollars, or an annuity, with one initial payment and annual installments over 29 years. If you don't strike it rich with Mega Millions, there's always the Powerball. Saturday's drawing is worth 430 million.

By the way, experts say you should do three things if you win: keep it a secret, skip the cash option, and get a financial planner.

Good luck!Source: ABC Albany

StarKist Admits To Fixing Tuna Prices, Face Possible $100M Fine

Ever wonder why tuna can be pricey? It was a set up. StarKist is admitting it fixed prices on canned tuna products and faces a possible fine of $100-million. The Department of Justice announced that the company agreed to plead guilty to price-fixing charges.

But they’re not also two of the three major tuna suppliers in the United States have now admitted to fixing prices. Last year, Bumble Bee Foods pled guilty to the charge – and they paid a fine of 25-million dollars. But it’s not like Thai Union's Chicken of the Sea was clean. Apparently, they exposed the scheme and assisted in the investigation.

Source: Time

Ignoring Your Partner Could Help Your Relationship, Study Says

There’s nothing worse than a nagging partner, and sometimes it’s easier just to tune your S.O. out when they won’t stop going on and on about whatever it is they want you to do. While ignoring them seems like a pretty crappy thing to do—not to mention one that could ruin your relationship—it turns out that some couples might actually benefit from the silent treatment.

A new study performed at California University in Los Angeles and published by the American Psychological Association says that sometimes giving the cold shoulder and saying nothing at all rather than engaging in an all-out fight with your partner can have positive effects on relationships—but there’s one major caveat.

According to the research, ignoring your partner’s requests is only helpful for low-income couples, while those who make more money tend to notice the opposite effect. As the study explains, “A wife requests her husband ask for a raise at work. For a husband in a low-wage job with less job security, that is a risky proposition. By showing reluctance to ask for the raise, he can preserve his self-esteem and lessen emphasis on the couple’s vulnerable financial situation. For a wealthier couple in the same situation, the wife may perceive the husband is unwilling to make a sacrifice for his family and that can cause friction in the relationship.”

The behavior is known as “demand-withdraw” and has been known since the 1930s, but it’s only recently that researchers decided to delve deeper on the trend and really discover what effect it has on relationships. With the latest study, which focused on couples from all economic and ethnic backgrounds, the results were mixed but with very clear divides.


Nebraska Finds New Tourism Slogan

There’s something to be said about understanding reality. And that couldn’t be more true than with the folks in Nebraska, who have a pretty amazing new tourism slogan. Though we’re betting not everyone will agree.

The state's tourism commission previewed its new promotional campaign this week highlighting their new slogan: "Nebraska: Honestly, it's not for everyone." Tourism officials say the move was made upon revisiting the state's character and an acknowledgement that they "can't offer something to everyone."

This change replaces the old tagline of "Nebraska Nice." The state says the new promotion will tell potential vacationers they should visit for outdoor recreation, natural beauty, an escape from the city and a connection to the West. The campaign will reportedly will cost the state 450-thousand-dollars over the next few years.

Source: Vice



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