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National Boston Cream Pie Day, National Slap Your Irritating Co-worker Day

Dating Trends: Pokemoning

It seems as though every day brings a new dating trend – and each one seems just as terrible as the last. While no dating trend can reach the caliber of ghosting, there are still a few out there that aren’t good news for singles. Enter “pokemoning.” As the name suggests, its basically when you “gotta catch ‘em all.” 

According to Urban Dictionary, pokemoning is pretty much when you collect a bunch of people for your own benefit. You’re probably dating multiple partners and keeping your favorites in your back pocket. The idea is that each person has traits you like, but there isn’t just one person that checks all of the boxes. So you keep them all around.

To avoid the terrible trend altogether, you should really appreciate people for the positive AND negative qualities about them. No one is going to be absolutely perfect for you, but if you’re open minded to the opportunity, you never know when someone could sweep you off your feet!

Source: Her

Researchers Say Aliens Might Be Purple

When you picture an alien, there’s a chance you imagine a grey guy with giant bug eyes, or maybe something along the lines of E.T. But new research suggests that they may have a different hue than you’re used to seeing in movies. In a new research paper, microbiologist Shiladitya DasSarma of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and researcher Edward Schwieterman of the University of California argue that it’s likely that Aliens are actually purple.

The basis of their argument is that before the time of green plants and photosynthesis, there were purple organisms finding their own way of doing the same thing. Modern purple organisms, called Halophiles, are reportedly linked to some of Earth’s earliest life… which could reflect the variety of life forms possibly among us on other planets.

If alien life capturing energy using ”retinal pigments” that reflect certain colors, then it’s not just chlorophyll’s green that scientists should be keeping an eye out for. Since there are already methods in place to detect green life from outer space, the researchers suggest that scientists start looking for a way to find purple, as well.

Source: Live Science

It Only Takes Seven Friends To Have A Happy Life

You probably have a VIP section in your life of people you’re always in contact with and meeting up with no matter what life brings and you’ve probably never stopped to count the number of friends in that inner circle. But according to career and life strategist Bella Zanesco, the quintessential squad is made up of just seven personas.

So who are the only seven friends you need to be happy in life? Here’s Zanesco’s breakdown of the seven archetypes of friendship #goals.

  1. The Catalyst - The first friend to make the list is the “catalyst” or the one who inspires you and pushes you outside your comfort zone to ask for that raise or flirt with your crush.
  2. The Player - This is the friend you want around when you’re ready for cocktails and catching up.
  3. The Nurturer - When you’re upset and need a shoulder to cry on, this caring BFF is the one who’s there for you.
  4. The Inspirer - After hanging out with this bestie, you’re full of new thoughts and ideas. She may spark an existential crisis or just convince you to organize your closet Marie Kondo-style.
  5. The Challenger - This friend helps you figure out what you believe and why by testing your opinions, sometimes frustrating you, but in a good way.
  6. The Lover - Everyone needs a BFF who just loves you unconditionally.
  7. The Maker - This person can be your partner, but if you don’t have one in your life, no worries because apparently, you can be your own maker, too.

Source: Well and Good

 Man Breaks Into Home Grabs A Bite To Eat And Decides To Stay - An Alabama alleged burglar, found one home so inviting he stayed.

Tylor Love allegedly went in a stranger's Limestone County house recently, cooked up some eggs, made a sandwich and then shaved and took a bath while inside. Mary Royster lives there and she says he even brushed his teeth.

Royster got home to the surprise guest and asked him to leave, but Love said he was waiting for his clothes to dry. She actually had to throw out his underwear. The 31-year-old Love, who identified himself to the woman as her grandson, was arrested and faces burglary counts. Source: WAAY

I'll Be Home For Christmas, and I'm Bringing This Eggnog-Flavored Vodka With Me

You might be spending this holiday season decking the halls, but I'll be busy drinking the halls with a little help from Three Olives' newly introduced eggnog-flavored vodka. Yes, just months after launching Rosé vodka, the company is back at it with another brand-new liquor flavor — only this time, it's putting an adult twist on a seasonal classic.

Eggnog-flavored vodka is now available nationwide for $18 a bottle. According to a product description on the Three Olives website, the smell of the liquor mimics that of "a light butterscotch with notes of baked nutmeg." The taste, on the other hand, "starts with a whipping cream taste while bakery spices, like allspice and cinnamon, increase over time." There are also undertones of orange peel and caramel, read more...




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