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Underwear You Can Wear For Three Weeks Exists

There are tons of things we can do to help the environment. Ditch the plastic bags, taking public transportation…using our showers for shorter periods of time (let’s not go crazy). There’s lots you can do, but who would have thought that another option would be not washing your clothes for a while? Sure, it saves water. But at what cost?

Organic Basics has just designed some eco-friendly underwear that are supposedly self-washing. The company claims that the underwear will kill 99.9% of bacteria and can go weeks at a time without being washed. Not sold? Neither are we. Sure, it would be nice to use less water in our washing machines. But do we want to risk wearing dirty underwear? For a few weeks?!

The company has assured customers that despite the worry, smell won’t be an issue. The panties are able to self-clean without any odors. They do warn, however, that the amount of time you can go without a wash depends person to person. So definitely check on things down there if you’re not sure.

Source: Metr

Have This Much Money On Hand For Black Friday Shopping

Slickdeals decided to find out if Black Friday is alive and well or doomed like many predict. It turns out the biggest shopping day of the year has a very strong pulse. The survey uncovered that over half of Americans will be braving the crowds to partake in the Thanksgiving weekend tradition of grabbing huge deals.

Not only that, but the average spent by shoppers will be $520. The top items being sought don’t change this year. They are clothes at 53-percent, a laptop or computer at 47-percent, and a TV (37 percent). Over 80-percent of Americans say they’ve shopped Black Friday and they still feel it’s the biggest bargain day there is.

One of the coolest stats? Instead of buying those coveted items for themselves, 33-percent said they are buying only for someone else on Black Friday. Share that wish list with your loved ones.

Source: New York Post

November 9th is Chaos Never Dies Day! For all of you who feel like your life is way too chaotic, you aren’t alone. Today we all celebrate how chaotic and hectic our lives are! Although chaos can cause countless amounts of stress and anxiety, it is also what keeps things fun and interesting! We want you to embrace your chaos, but we also want you to control it! To make your life a little more orderly, clean your room from the mess it is to a nice, organized happy place. You can also learn some deep breathing strategies to help you cope with all the chaos in your life!

China Unveils AI News Anchors

It looks like soon China’s human news anchors may need to find new work. Xinhua [[ shin-hwah ]] News has unveiled AI news anchors that look eerily real. According to the news agency, the virtual presenters “can read texts as naturally as a professional news anchor.”

If you check out the virtual anchor's introductory video, you’ll see that the presenter can deliver reports in English as well as Chinese. The AI’s appearance is modeled after Xinhua’s existing human news presenters in China, as well as their voices, lip movements and expressions. While it may appear a little less natural than a human right now, researchers expect that it will “improve over time.”

So why virtual anchors if we have humans to do the job? Well, since Xinhua points out that these AI presenters can work around the clock, they could prove useful for delivering breaking news reports. Plus, virtual anchors that can present on the news agency’s website and social media reduces their production costs. Check out video of the AI news anchor below or to the right.

Source: BBC

Why People Feel Like Breaking Up Around Thanksgiving

Cuffing season is real – but once you’ve hit up all the pumpkin patches and apple orchards in the area, can you be sure your relationship will survive past November? Yup – welcome to “Turkey Drop” season. THIS is the not-so-happy time that people are likely to dump their boos (as in, in November just as Thanksgiving is rolling around).

The phenomenon usually happens when college freshman go back home to their high school boyfriends for the break only kick them to the curb. But statistics show that college students aren’t the only ones ditching bae before the big dinner. The reason for it? People in newer relationships often feel a little more rushed into things around the holidays, so it’s only natural that they cut ties before the holidays are in full swing.

On top of that, many people look towards the New Year as a chance to have a clean slate. And who want’s last year’s boyfriend hanging around when you’re trying to revamp your whole aura? It’s officially Turkey Drop season, so hang onto bae if you don’t want to fall victim!

Source: Cosmopolitan

Bumble Launched A Way To Meet People IRL

If we’re all swiping away with the hopes of actually meeting someone, why aren’t we getting our butts off the apps? We swipe for hours everyday only to find out that the people we’ve been chatting with aren’t worth our breath, just our fiery thumbs. Bumble is trying to fix the problem by launching physical locations where you can meet people FOR REAL.

BumbleSpots are Bumble-verified places where you and the cutie you’ve been chatting up can go to actually meet in real life. Their first partnership is with Moxy Hotels, so you can count on a few of these Spots popping up at several of their locations. Your city might not be on the list yet, but Bumble is adding a ton more Spots to the map this year.

The Spots will hit coffee shops, bars, and restaurants throughout the US and Canada, and they’ll be recognizable by a Bumble decal. The idea is that you get to go to a place you know is safe. No more back and forths about which happy hour y’all should hit up. Let Bumble do the thinking for you!

Source: Bustle



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