Underwear You Can Wear For Three Weeks Exists

There are tons of things we can do to help the environment. Ditch the plastic bags, taking public transportation…using our showers for shorter periods of time (let’s not go crazy). There’s lots you can do, but who would have thought that another option would be not washing your clothes for a while? Sure, it saves water. But at what cost?

Organic Basics has just designed some eco-friendly underwear that are supposedly self-washing. The company claims that the underwear will kill 99.9% of bacteria and can go weeks at a time without being washed. Not sold? Neither are we. Sure, it would be nice to use less water in our washing machines. But do we want to risk wearing dirty underwear? For a few weeks?!

The company has assured customers that despite the worry, smell won’t be an issue. The panties are able to self-clean without any odors. They do warn, however, that the amount of time you can go without a wash depends person to person. So definitely check on things down there if you’re not sure.

Source: Metr

Picture: Organic Basics



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