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Why You Shouldn’t Do Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping The Tuesday Before

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is next week and that means getting your game plan together for turkey day. And because this holiday is food-focused, there’s a ton of food planning, food shopping, and food prep that happen before Thanksgiving rolls around and the longer you wait to do it, the more frantic it can feel. That’s why a lot of people think they’re SOsmart for hitting the supermarket the Tuesday - and not the Wednesday - before Thanksgiving, but they’re actually not.

According to author and cook Michael Ruhlman, in order to try and cut down on some of the stress, “everyone thinks that on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, they will contend with nightmare crowds, so they all try to beat the rush by shopping Tuesday.” And there will be some manic shoppers out getting groceries that Wednesday, but the reality is, most folks who need to do the bulk of their food shopping will try to tackle it all on Tuesday.

In his book, “Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America,” Ruhlman advises getting everything you need, Thanksgiving-wise, from the supermarket the weekend before the holiday. That way you’ll have what the ingredients for your feast on hand and can have minimal contact with all those people anxiously filling their carts and fighting over the last few remaining turkeys at the grocery store. Good luck out there, shoppers.

Source: Delish

What Do You Think is The Most Popular Thanksgiving Food?

Are Americans “drying out” on turkey for Thanksgiving? A new study shows that 65 percent of Americans would like an alternative to turkey on the table this year. The fascinating new statistic emerged in a new survey of 2,000 Americans around all things concerning Thanksgiving, which also crowned ham (60 percent), chicken (41 percent) and roast beef (37 percent) as the most popular alternatives to turkey. The new study, conducted by Omaha Steaks, also revealed nearly half (44 percent) of Thanksgiving hosts will be serving a new main dish this year.

  • What food would you rather have than turkey on Thanksgiving?


Reverse Pinocchio: Experts say your nose shrinks when you lie

While most are familiar with the story of Pinocchio, the puppet boy whose nose grows when he tells a lie, scientists at the University of Granada say people's noses actually shrink when they fib.

In fact, two physiological effects happen when people lie that are so observable, the researchers say they could make for the "world's most reliable lie detector," the Daily Mail reports. 

Study lead author Dr. Emilio Gómez Milán gives the, er, long and the short of it: "One has to think in order to lie, which rises the temperature of the forehead. At the same time we feel anxious, which lowers the temperature of the nose."

Less blood flow to the nose causes it to cool, and shrink.

This disparity, which can be detected with heat-sensing cameras, can flag a fibber 80% of the time, according to Gomez Milán's team -- far better than the modern polygraph machines.

Top Things Men And Women Lie About On Dates

It’s no secret that singles aren’t always totally honest with the people they’re dating. But some fibs are small and some go much deeper and darker. And even if you don’t bend the truth much to get someone interested, chances are, it’s happened to you. So what is your date lying to you about? According to a new survey of more than 1,300 singles, we now know the top things people lie about on dates.

The survey from BodyLogicMD finds that the number one thing both men and women lie about is their number of sexual partners. Researchers say this is probably because of romantic hopefuls being afraid of being too easy or too inexperienced, but that’s just the start of the list.

These are the top 10 things men lie about on dates:

  1. Number of sexual partners 44.6%
  2. Income - 37.5%
  3. Living situation - 30.4%
  4. Hobbies - 26.8%
  5. Profession - 25.0%
  6. Relationship status - 21.4%
  7. Education level - 14.3%
  8. Weight - 12.5%
  9. Height - 7.1%
  10. Name - 5.4%

As for the ladies, these are the top 10 things they lie about on dates, according to the survey:

  1. Number of sexual partners - 44.4%
  2. Weight - 33.3%
  3. Living situation - 28.4%
  4. Income - 27.2%
  5. Hobbies - 23.5%
  6. Relationship status - 19.8%
  7. Profession - 18.5%
  8. Education level 13.6%
  9. Name - 9.9%
  10. Other (previous relationships, plans for the future) - 8.6%

The survey also reveals that nearly three out of four people who lie about something got away with it, which only encourages them to keep up the dishonesty. And while some of these lies seem to make sense, like not being truthful about income or living situation, close to 10% of women are lying about their names and that’s one we just don’t get.

Source: Women's Health

People Are Getting Tattoos To Cover Dark Under Eye Circles

With the popularity of microblading - the tattooing technique that makes eyebrows appear fuller - more and more folks are getting face tats, including celebs like Lena Dunham and Mandy Moore. But there’s a new beauty tattoo trend that masks those pesky dark circles with tattoos that make the skin lighter. It’s called dark circle camouflage and as great as it may sound, it does have some downsides.

Professional tattoo artist Rodolpho Torres has millions of Instagram followers, in part because of his “eye camouflage” work that covers up dark circles with ink. He has over 10 years of experience, but dermatologists warn this procedure could be really damaging.

“No nonmedical personnel should be touching that area of your eyes - especially with a sharp instrument,” explains Dr. Lance Brown. “Under the eye, you need to be very cautious - you can cause an infection around the eyelid, or a sty or cyst could grow around the hair follicles.”

If a tattoo artist is inexperienced or presses too deeply with the needle scarring can occur, and that could be an issue with the delicate skin under the eyes. Scarring on the lower eyelid can cause an issue that pulls the lower eyelid down and away from the eye, which can lead to tear duct issues, cysts and more, Dr. Brown says. Plus, the tattoo may help you need less concealer, but it won’t fix all under eye circles that can be a result of too much or too little fat under the eyes.

Source: Shape



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