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Today is World Kindness Day

What City Will Host The 2030 Winter Games? - Now that the U.S. has secured the 2030 Winter Olympics, where will it be?

Three contenders emerged from the pile; Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, Salt Lake City and Denver. Yesterday, Reno-Tahoe dropped out yesterday leaving two. The chairman of the Reno committee said it shouldn’t be a shock, they were only going to host if it was economically feasible and it isn’t for them.

Now the Olympic committee is visiting the remaining two cities to determine which city will host.Source: KSL

Most People Are Giving Up On Being Healthy Until 2019

We’re not even halfway through November yet, but according to a new study, Americans are already abandoning efforts to be healthy until next year. The research looked into the health and diets of 2,000 people as the holiday season approaches and found that as many as 45% say they’re waiting until 2019 to eat clean or lose weight.

The research, which was commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition and conducted by OnePoll, reveals that the average person gains six pounds in holiday weight, which makes sense when you consider 54% admit eating more than one Thanksgiving dinner in the same day. The survey also finds that four in 10 have eaten so much holiday food they’ve had to loosen a button on their pants, but somehow 12% of folks manage to make it through the season without gaining anything at all.

There’s something about the holidays that makes us give up on eating healthy, and 55% of those surveyed say they’ve broken a diet to indulge in some home-cooked holiday food. But it’s not just the holidays themselves that tempt us, the results show the average American will overeat on 13 different days between Thanksgiving to New Year.

  • And even though so many of us have given up on trying to eat right in 2018, they’re still optimistic they can make better choices next year, with 54% saying they’ll be successful in staying healthy in 2019. Lots of Americans are going with the “start again in January” attitude, and 34% are already planning their New Year’s resolutions, which are - no surprise - to exercise more (71%), eat healthier (71%), and to focus on self-care (55%).

Source: New York Post

Woman Celebrates Divorce With BIG Boom

Ask just about any divorced person, and they’ll tell you that the best day they have – is the one that says they can finally move forward with their lives. For Texan Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler, that meant blowing up her wedding dress after her divorce became final – that was this past Friday.

According to family, Stiteler's parents, sisters and brother-in-law helped her put the past behind her and filled her wedding dress with 20-pounds of the explosive target material, Tannerite. She fired at it from afar on the family’s ranch…and BOOM. A “boom” that was apparently heard 15-miles away. See the video on the right.

Source: KSAT

Do You Like To Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes?

A new study revealed that wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is also good for your mental health. The study, conducted by the University of British Colombia found that getting up close and personal with your partner’s smell via wearing his clothes lowered the amount of stress hormone cortisol in the brain, making the wearers way more zen. Conversely, women who smelled a stranger’s shirt had a higher incidence of cortisol/were more stressed, which is pretty interesting. The findings indicate that the smell of someone we love can reduce stress levels and negative emotions, so it stands to reason that having something close by that smells like a partner or even a parent or child could help comfort us when we have to be away from them for any period of time. It’s worth a try!

  • Guys, do you like it when your girlfriend wears your shirts, sweatshirts, boxer’s etc.?

Link: https://www.ok.co.uk/lifestyle/1508617/wearing

The High Cost of Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Americans spend nearly $100,000 in their lifetime in the name of holiday spirit, according to new research.

A study examining the average spending of 2,000 Americans approaching the holidays found we’ll typically part with $1,556 in a single festive season preparing for the holidays and getting our homes in shape for the arrival of guests.

Over an average adult lifetime, that equates to an incredible $93,360 spent in the name of celebrating over the holidays.

Broken down over a single festive season, the average American spends $235 on holiday home decor, $375 on holiday gifts, and $645 on other festive hosting essentials.

The study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Lowe’s examined the effort and money that goes into making your home holiday ready this season and found 69 percent end up spending more on their home than any other time of year.

Alongside our home spends, we’ll also spend a further $301 on food and drink during a single holiday season – with the average host estimating they entertain 10 people throughout the festive season.

When it comes to gift-giving, half (50 percent) of those surveyed revealed that they don’t just intend to purchase gifts for others, but also want to indulge in the holiday spirit by spending on themselves.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/11/12/the-high-cost-of-getting-into-the-holiday-spirit/

Drunk woman busted after stealing live lobster from restaurant

A 42-year-old Florida woman was arrested Saturday after allegedly stealing a live lobster from a tank at Red Lobster and running from the eatery.

The Smoking Gun reports Kimberly Gabel told cops she was "blackout drunk" during the incident; eyewitnesses say she was asked to leave because she was "causing a scene" before allegedly cribbing the crustacean and fleeing the scene. 911 was called, and it didn't take cops long to find the suspect, who reportedly smelled of booze. Slurring her words, but cursing at officers, she reportedly denied knowing where the lobster ended up. 

Gabel, who has a rap sheet boasting busts including theft, drug possession, drunk driving, and "exposure of sexual organs," added a "disorderly intoxication" charge to her record for the lobster incident.

This Is How Long It Takes People To Unwind On Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be a time to relax, unwind and leave your worries about work behind, and while you’d think the minute you type up that out of the office email all those things would start kicking in, it turns out it actually takes a few days for that to happen.

A new survey finds that it actually takes Americans four days to unwind and stop thinking about the office while on vacation, which means only 43% or three days of a seven-day vacation is actually spent relaxing.

And then there are the people who struggle to even get away from the office in the first place. The truth is, 79% of people have a hard time getting away on a real vacation, with feeling guilty about leaving the office the biggest reason they don’t take time off (37%), followed by fears that vacation will keep them from getting a promotion (26%).

  • Overall, 15% of Americans say they feel guilty or stressed when taking vacations, with 43% saying they have a hard time completely shutting off while away. Considering that fact, it’s not surprising that the average American will check work emails nine times a day on vacation, which is the same amount of time they spend checking Facebook and Instagram.

Source: SWNS Digital



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