Forget FOMO And Embrace JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out

We’re all familiar with the fear of missing out, it’s that terrible feeling that pushes you do things you don’t even really want to do, like go out for drinks on Tuesday when you’re already exhausted, all because you don’t want anyone having fun without you. FOMO is also that sensation that you experience when your besties are posting Instagram Stories … without you.

Now meet JOMO, the joy of missing out. It’s basically the opposite of FOMO because it’s the feeling of not giving a damn that you’re missing out on something because you’re having such a great time doing whatever you’re doing. Sounds pretty good, right? And now even tech companies are behind the idea - Apple now allows users to set limits to their time on social media, since Facebook and Instagram pretty much created the idea of FOMO to start with.

But to really get on board with JOMO, you have to create the right environment for yourself so you’re totally blissed out. That could mean slipping on your coziest socks and sipping on a warm toasty drink, like hot tea or cocoa. Or it could be a soak in a tub with a good book and a glass of wine. No matter how you do “me time,” do it so you forget all about FOMO and start living the JOMO.

Source: Women's Health



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