SCIENCE: This is How Long is Takes To Poop A Lego

Pediatricians in the UK have finally answered one of life’s grand riddles: Just how long would it take for a Lego toy accidentally swallowed by someone to gracefully make its way back out? 

The answer comes courtesy of a recent study published last week in “The Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health.” The six authors of the study all volunteered themselves to ingest the head of a typical Lego figurine (and even made a video showing their moment of truth). Then they just waited for the inevitable, meticulously checking their poop after every go-around to the porcelain throne. Various search and retrieval methods were used, from placing their poop in a bag and squishing the contents in hopes of finding a Lego-shaped hunk of plastic to sifting through poop with chopsticks.

On average, the authors reported, it took 1.71 days for the Lego poop to finally emerge, at least for those who actually found it. One of the doctors never spotted their toy, meaning they either just missed it or that the head might have gotten stuck somewhere along the gut, destined to come out at some other inopportune time or just languish in the body for years to come.

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