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Hardee’s Is On Tinder Now

Not all food companies can do social media like Taco Bell and Wendy’s, but they try. Hardee’s is trying a different route with their new promo and they’re now on Tinder and want fans to check out Chris P. - get it? Crispy?

He’s their guy with a chicken tender for a head and swiping right on him will get you a QR code for a buy one, get one free five-piece chicken tender small combo. It’s how they show their appreciation for anyone hungry enough to fake interest in a guy made of fried chicken.

And whether you think it’s stupid or kind of funny, they’ve got us talking about it, so they’ve done their job.

Source: Extra Crispy

Why You Should Tell People Exactly What You Want For The Holidays

Telling people what you want for the holidays can kind of make you feel like a jerk (for some reason). You don’t want to be caught asking for something too lavish, and you definitely don’t want to seem greedy. But is it better to get a bunch of gifts you don’t want and have to awkwardly return them in the weeks after Christmas? As is it with all thing righteous and good…there’s an app for that.

Hinted is a holiday wish list platform/app that cuts out the guesswork for your friends and family members, and they’re starting up a #NoReturns challenge this holiday season. If you had no problem asking for things as a kid, you should consider adopting the same habits as an adult. No more guessing sizes or colors or brands. All you have to do is throw all of the info up on your Hinted list, and your family and friends will know exactly what to buy.

To be honest, getting gifts you don’t want is wasteful and eating up everyone’s time. Lose the closet full of stuff you plan on regifting next year, and just cut to the chase already. 

Source: Elite Daily

This Is The Gift Most People Want This Holiday Season

If you’re dreading heading to the store to do your holiday shopping, or you’re undecided about what to buy members of your family, you’re probably stressing out for nothing. That’s because according to a new survey, the gift most people want is…money.

The Zelle poll finds that 58% of Americans would prefer to receive money as a gift this holiday season, which is good considering 40% of people say they plan to give money over the holidays.

As for what they’ll do with the dough, 63% of people will use it for either experiences, bills or personal spending, but how they use it does depend on the generation. It seems Millennials are more likely to use the dough for experiences, while Gen X and Boomers are more likely to use it for personal spending.

So, if you’re giving money, how should you do it? Of course, since this is a survey by the banking app Zelle, they are trying to show you why you should use them, instead of say, checks. They point out that 20% of people say they have received checks as a gift and never cashed it. Close to half say they didn’t cash it because they lost or forgot about it, with plenty of people saying taking a paper check to the bank is too much of a hassle.

Source: Biz Journals

Netflix and spill: MN driver wrecked five cars watching streaming service

Cops in Minnesota have revealed that a highway crash last month that involved five cars was caused by a driver watching Netflix as she motored down the Interstate.

According to a Facebook post from the Minnesota State Police, "Numerous callers reported [a] vehicle crossing the lane lines, driving onto the shoulder, and driving in and out of the grass next to the shoulder. The vehicle ran off the road and crashed into the median cables as troopers were trying to catch up."

The driver's actions on October 26 caused a secondary crash that involved four other vehicles, resulting in injuries, the authorities said.

After running off the road, the driver, who was female, told cops she had her iPad on her passenger seat, and was watching.

"Driving and Netflix don't mix," the State Patrol said. "Drivers: drive. Put away ALL the distractions."

Why Procrastination Is Bad For Your Brain

Bad news, procrastinators. Turns out your habit of putting things off could be messing with your brain in the long run. Let’s be real – procrastinating feels kind of good. You’re napping or watching a show instead of getting something menial or annoying or overbearing out of the way. Who wants to do that stuff? Well… your brain wants you to do that stuff.

People who procrastinate are actually more prone to exhaustion and illness. Why? Think about it – if you’re spending your time procrastinating, you’ve probably got a part of your brain that’s just constantly a little anxious about not doing the things you’re supposed to do. With all of that guilt and anxiety riding on you constantly, your brain is likely to need a break and be vulnerable to getting sick.

There are things you can do to help yourself out, though. If you’ve got a friend who’s more of a doer, hang out with them more often. Chances are, you’re not going to sit around putting stuff off while you’re watching your friend take control of her life. You could even post on social media and have the public hold you accountable!

“The Office” will still be there after you’ve paid your rent!

Source: LifeHacker



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