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Air Guard Commander Accused Of Using Fighter Aircraft For Booty Call: 

A commander of the Vermont Air National Guard is out of the job after he reportedly used an F-16 Fighting Falcon for a booty call with an Army colonel at the Pentagon. He was scheduled for a work conference in the area, so he used that to cover up his rendezvous. But eventually, his superiors found out about the alleged affair and what he had really used the plane for, so Colonel Thomas Jackson was asked to resign.

Toy Vacuum That Actually Works

Here’s the perfect Christmas present for kids who need an extra nudge doing their chores.

Household appliance company Dyson came out with a child-size toy vacuum cleaner that actually vacuums as your kids play.

For as low as $29.00 – kids can be whistling while they work and cleaning up the mess just as quickly as they’re making it.

While the toy Dyson vacuum doesn’t clean with the same efficiency as a full-sized Dyson vacuum, it does boast a “working suction” that “actually picks up small bits of paper” and a “removable debris drawer." 

At only 25 inches tall, the company says replica vacuum is suitable for all kids 3 and older. 

  • Topic: Why is it cute to get your kid a vacuum but sexist for a guy to get your wife one? 



Couples Who Use Pet Names Have Stronger Relationships

If you’re one of those people who calls your partner “baby” or some other term of endearment, it does more than just make people around you cringe. It turns out, couples who use affectionate pet names for each other are more likely to have a strong relationship.

While some people think calling each other mushy monikers is sweet and fun, others find it childish and embarrassing, but new research finds there’s a real benefit to doing it. A new survey of 1,000 adults finds that 87% of Americans and 74% of Europeans use pet names for their partners and those who do are 16% more likely to be happy in their relationship.

The survey reveals that men actually use pet names more than women, 85% compared to 76%. And the nicknames linked to the most satisfied relationships in the U.S. are “pretty,” followed by “beautiful” and “gorgeous.” For the Europeans, it’s the German “Schatz,” followed by “cutie” and “hun.”

And on the flip side, the survey identifies which pet names are most despised. “Papi” is apparently the worst, with 73% saying they hate it. Coming in a close second is “daddy” (72%) (ick), followed by “sweet cheeks” (66%) and “muffin” (61%).

Source: Insider

Taco Bell’s Clothing Line Is Ready For The Holidays

Taco Bell is getting in the holiday spirit with their festive apparel collection. Yes, everyone’s favorite Mexican fast food joint is coming out with a line of things you can wear, including sweaters, pajamas, T-shirts and onesies.

The sweaters come in holiday-themed designs, including one with Santa on his sleigh, guided by tacos. They’ve also got hot sauce-printed mugs and a hot sauce pillow, if you don’t want to wear your love for the Bell. There’s even a blanket that looks like a burrito wrapper to keep you cozy all season long.

Source: Refinery 29

Sleep Texting Is Real

People are known to walk, talk, and eat while sleeping. Increasingly, sleep texting is joining the list.

A study from Villanova University found that the habit of using smartphones to message friends while still asleep — and having no memory of doing it — is a common technology trend among adolescents and young adults. The paper, "Interrupted sleep: College students sleeping with technology," was published last month in the Journal of American College Health.

The study is the first nursing article to look at sleep texting. Researchers concluded it was a growing trend in the college student population.

"They are intimately attached to their phones," said Elizabeth B. Dowdell, professor of nursing at Villanova University and the lead author of the study. Adolescents and young adults can average 60 to 100 text messages a day, she said.

While sleep walking comes from the body's internal signals, texting while sleeping is usually prompted by external sounds, Dowdell said.

It's the buzz, beep, or tweet that makes the person automatically reach for the phone. That sound gives the person a sense of happiness, she said.

  • Topic:When was the last time you think you “sleep texted”?



The Holidays Are All About Traditions, Even Quirky Ones

For a lot of Americans, the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without the traditions of their childhood. In fact, a new poll finds that 52% of Americans try to replicate holidays from their childhood, with 73% of people saying holiday traditions are important to them. 

These nostalgic traditions are so important that 50% of folks say they celebrate traditions that have been passed down for generations, with 32% continuing ones they started with their grandparents and another 27% following traditions from their great-grandparents or farther.

The most common family tradition is decorating the Christmas tree (57%), followed by decorating the house (54%), watching holiday movies (50%), playing holiday music (48%) and sending out holiday cards (40%). But not everyone’s holiday traditions are, well, traditional. The poll finds that 19% of people say their family has a quirky holiday tradition they always follow. Some of those quirky traditions include:

  • Dressing their cat up in a holiday costume
  • Playing Mario Kart games on Christmas morning
  • Exchanging ugly ornaments
  • Camping in the living room on the night of Christmas Eve
  • Opening all their presents on Christmas Eve
  • Making ornaments with their dog’s paw print
  • Watching horror movies on Christmas day
  • Sending holiday cards to people they don’t know
  • Hiding Christmas presents for the younger kids
  • Making snow angels
  • Wearing silly Christmas pajamas

Source: SWNS Digital



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