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Today is Roast Chestnuts Day

How Much Would It Cost You To Give Up Your Smartphone For A Year?

VitaminWater is offering a $100,000 prize to anyone willing to go "scroll free" and put down his or her smartphone for an entire year. The beverage company said its Scroll Free for Year contest will award $100,000 to a person who can give up their smartphone for a year and $10,000 if they only make it six months. VitaminWater said a lie detector test will be administered at the end of the year to verify the person has not used or touched any smartphones for 365 days.

  • Would you be able to give up your smartphone for a year for a 100 grand or would you do it for less? 

Link: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/12/13/VitaminWater

This New Cruise Ship Will Have A Roller Coaster

Cruise ships are always looking for the newest cool thing to entice passengers to come on board and Carnival Cruise line is at it again. They’ve just announced their giant new ship, the Mardi Gras, will have a deck-top roller coaster. The ship is currently being built and will arrive in 2020 and it’ll have the first roller coaster on a cruise ship.

It’s called BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster and it’s going to be 800-feet long, with twists, turns, and drops sending riders around at speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour. BOLT will be an all-electric coaster and while it won’t be as big or fast as the coasters we’re used to on land, the track will be 187-feet above sea level, so that adds a level of thrill you can’t get on land.

Guests will ride in vehicles that look like motorcycles and will be able to control their speed up there, so they can savor the views from the top. Carnival Cruise Lines president Christine Duffy says safety is their number one priority and explains that wind and weather may cause the ride to close at times, but BOLT has been designed to be a roller coaster at sea, so it’s built for the job. The only question is, are you brave enough to try it?

Source: USA Today

How Long Did It Take You To Decide That You Wanted To Marry Your Spouse?

A new study polled married people and found that, on average, it took them just 172 days to decide they wanted to get hitched. That’s about six months — and it’s less time, the scientists found, than most people estimate they’ll need before making that big call. Surveyed singles told the researchers they’d need about 210 days to make up their minds about their potential suitors. “Romantic partners might incorrectly assume that deciding to tie the knot is a lengthy and deliberative decision,” Nadav Klein, a PhD student at the University of Chicago and co-author of the study, tells “The Post.”

  • Did you know you wanted to marry your spouse after just one date?

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/12/12/heres-how-long-it-takes

Study Finds Eating Dirt Could Cure Obesity

If you think eating salads when you’re trying to lose weight is boring, you probably won’t be so thrilled to hear that researchers think eating dirt could be the new cure for obesity. Researchers at the University of South Australia have published a new study detailing the surprising discovery they made while studying how clay dirt materials absorb medicine.

Apparently, along with the medicine, the clay can also “soak up” stomach fat. On top of that, lead researcher Tahnee Dening says the clay goes a step further and prevents the fat “from being absorbed by the body, ensuring that fat simply passed through the digestive system.”

The findings make Dening and her team think they “could be onto something,” possibly even “a cure for obesity.” But don’t go ahead and start your dirt-eating cleanse just yet. Although the clay worked better than weight loss drugs on the lab rats, Dening warns this new research hasn’t been tested on humans yet.

Source: Eureka Alert

Dating Trends: Instagrandstanding

This latest dating trend is really easy to be guilty of. All it takes is a mutual follow on social media between you and your crush, and you’re well on your way. All it takes is a little investigating – and let’s be real, you’ve probably already done that much naturally. The second you and your crush follow each other, it’s stalking time. And then it’s all downhill from there.

Instagrandstanding is when you’ve tailored a post or two on your Instagram to get that one like you really want – the one from your crush. Maybe you’ll quote a song from their favorite musician in the caption. Or maybe you’ll tag yourself at their favorite restaurant. It’s really just a matter of paying attention to the things THEY post, and making your posts match accordingly. But in a well-calculated, non-creepy way, of course.

Honestly, Instagrandstanding can be a powerful tool in the right hands. If you do it tastefully, you actually might be able to strike up a real conversation with bae. With that in mind, we’re not hating on this dating trend. We only ask that you use your powers wisely!

Source: Metro



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