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The Cost Of Weddings At An All Time High

There’s no doubt a lot of people got engaged over the holiday season, and they better start putting their money away immediately because if they want a full-blown wedding it’s going to cost them.

“Brides” magazine has just come out with their 2018 American Wedding Study, revealing key insights into the latest wedding trends, behaviors, and spending habits for weddings in America. And one thing’s for sure, weddings are getting even more expensive than ever before.

According to the survey, the average cost of a wedding is at an all time high of $44,105. The biggest expenses, of course, is the bash itself, with the average reception costing $9,764, while catering will set couples back $12,242.

Other big expenses include:

  • Rentals: $2,920
  • Dress: $2,260
  • Flowers: $2,629
  • Other decor $1,183
  • Reception music: $2,380
  • Photography: $3,133
  • Videography: $2,180
  • Engagement ring(s): $7,829
  • Wedding ring(s): $1,890

The poll finds that the average age of a bride these days is 28, while the average age of their partner is 29. September and October are the most popular months to get married, with Saturday the most popular day (68%), followed by Friday (16%). The average number of guests at a wedding is 167, with the bride having an average of 5.4 attendants, and the groom having 5.3 groomsman.

  • And while you may think the bride is the one handling most of the wedding planning stress, the survey says otherwise. In fact, 97% of brides say their fiancé is involved in the planning, with 36% saying they are very involved.

Source: Business Insider 

No pressure: You only have 27 seconds to make a first impression, survey says

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression," as the saying goes -- but a new survey says you have less than 30 seconds to make that first impression.

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans commissioned by the company Dollar Shave Club and conducted by OnePoll, you have exactly 27 seconds to wow somebody...scientific proof of why first dates and job interviews are nerve-wracking.

The researchers behind the poll discovered that 85% of people get a good impression of somebody based on their scent alone, which is why nearly 70% put a lot of thought into how they smell before meeting somebody.  Other key takeaways might seem like common sense: Acting arrogantly is a huge turn-off, as is dressing poorly, and not making eye contact. Conversely, being polite, being a good listener, and smiling score you points.

Confidence is key, with 83% saying someone who is self-assured is more attractive both as a prospective date and as a prospective employee.We hope you're paying attention to these tips, because three in five people say they know just 15 minutes into a first date whether they'd be up for a second one, and it takes just 20 minutes to know if they'd want to take you home.  And, as if that wasn't enough pressure, the average person says they'd pull the plug on a date in just 16 minutes if it's going south.

Perhaps that's why two-thirds of those polled said they Google their prospective dates before meeting IRL.

“Screen Dipping” Could Be Bad For Your Relationship

Some nights, you just want to stay in with your S.O. and share a bottle of wine and watch a movie. You’re enjoying the quiet evening and the film, but it seems like every time you look over at your sweetie, he’s looking at his phone instead of the TV, so it’s pretty much ruining the experience for you. It’s happened to most of us before and now there’s actually a name for it: “screen dipping.”

Screen dipping is basically the act of “dipping out” of one screen every so often so you can look at another screen, like switching between your phone and the TV. And while this act is totally fine if you’re at home alone going from scrolling through Twitter to half-watching “Below Deck,” it really bugs some people when they’ve decided to watch something with you and you’re not really paying attention.

The problem with screen dipping is that it implies you’re picking your phone over the person you’re with. Even though you’re not in an active conversation because you’re watching a show or movie, you’re supposed to be engaged in it together. And it can be bad for your relationship, too. According to one study, choosing your phone over your partner can lead to being less satisfied with the relationship and more fights.

So if you’re a screen dipper, consider yourself warned. If you want to break the habit, try leaving your phone on silent or in another room for the 90-minutes of the movie. Just being mindful about your phone and the person sitting right next to you can help, too.

Source: PureWow

Dating Trends: Sneating

Will the terrible dating trends ever stop!? We’re starting to think the answer is no. The latest in bad dating habits comes along when you’re a little hungry and don’t want to pay for your own meal. “Sneating” is when you go on a dinner date with someone just to get the free grub out of it – and then you ditch them for the next person to buy you dinner! Kind of rough, right?

It’s kind of like a modern day dine-and-dash. You seek out your victim on the apps, offer up a date to get some food, and hope that they offer to foot the bill. And the worst part about this dating trend? There are some serious, serial sneaters out there. All it takes is a little finesse, and boom! You’ve got yourself up to a few free meals a week. Crazy or genius? We’re still deciding.

The only problem with this trend is that many of us are jumping on the Dutch dating bandwagon – with each of us paying for our share of the meal. If sneating is your game, you’re going to want to seek out the old-fashioned dudes who insist on paying. Let’s just hope your victims remain blissfully ignorant before they blow up your spot!

Source: Marie Claire

Popular Baby Name Trends For 2019

While some baby names will always be popular, every year parents attempt to find new inspiration when it comes to naming their tots, and the website Nameberry believes they know what types of names will be hot for 2019.

The site has come out with a list of the hottest trends in baby names for the New Year, and some of them may just leave you shaking your heads.

 Baby naming trends for 2019 include:

  • Global Names –People are looking for original choices with deep roots and diverse origins, like Acacius, Cyrene, Jedda, Niabi, Walken and more.
  • Nonbinary Names – More parents want to raise their kids free of gender stereotypes, so they pick gender neutral names like Campbell, Finley, Journey, Laken, Story or Royal.
  • East – Names inspired by Eastern religions and non-European mythology are gaining popularity, including Asherah, Bodhi, Lakshmi, Raiden and Zen.
  • Muted Hues – Naming kids after colors is still popular, but parents aren’t necessarily looking for bright colors. Instead they are going for things like Ash, Gray/Grey, Lavender, Mauve and Ivory.
  • Rare Gems – Like Emerald, Garnet, Onyx, Peridot and Sapphire.
  • Old-school Nickname Names for Boys – Like Billy, Ace, Buddy, Jimmy, Johnny and more.
  • The Letter “F” – More people are picking names that start with “F,” including Faye, Felix, Fern, Frankie, and Frost.
  • Three Letters – Names with just three letters seem to be the trendiest, like Hal, Liv, Rio and Van.
  • Animalia – People will continue to name kids after animals, including Hawk, Bear, Falcon, and Tiger.
  • Celebrity Surnames – Celebs are still influencing names, with the site seeing a trend in picking last names of celebs for kids, like Beckham, Jolie, Lennon and Bowie.
  • The Vowel “U” – Expect a lot of names featuring the vowel “U” including Eulalie, Hugo, Jude and True.
  • Em-Names – Including Emory, Emerson, Emily, Emma, Emmett and more.

Source: Today



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