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Study Says Gentlemen Actually Do Prefer Blondes

Lots of gentlemen still prefer blondes — and scientists with too much time on their hands have discovered why: they’re in relatively short supply. Natural blondes, as opposed to the legions of “bottle blondes’’ who use dye, need 200 genes to create the color, the Sunday Times of London reports. That compares to 60 genes for brown tresses and only a handful for most redheads. Naturally blonde hair is rare. Only 12.7 percent of women are born with it. For men, the figure is 9.9 percent. Britain’s Medical Research Council conducted the study, looking only at white people of European descent.

  • Do you prefer a natural blonde to a “bottle blonde”?


Nowhere to go but up: Study shows hitting rock-bottom in your career can be beneficial

A new study shows that your career crashing and burning can be just the thing to turn your life around. This extreme bit of glass-half-full thinking comes from researchers at the University of Notre Dame, who found that losing your job can be just the thing to reinvent yourself. 

At issue, the researchers say, is the fact that people are often miserable at their jobs before they end, trying, in a sense, to bail out a sinking ship. Losing your job, or otherwise striking out in a given field allows you to finally lose all that dysfunction.

"On the way down, we frantically do all sorts of things to try and repair the situation, and suffer as [we] fail," explains study lead author Dean Shepherd in a university release. "Bottoming out frees us from the misconception that the problems can be fixed, and in the process, frees us from other constraints and negative emotions and provides the conditions necessary to find a viable solution."

What's more, starting over in a career gives people a chance to start over as people, too, with a new work identity. In short, you no longer have to "fake it 'til you make it," and instead, do something you actually WANT to do, not pretend you want to do at the daily grind.

"[A] failed entrepreneur might explore how skills learned in starting a business could be applied in a corporate setting, take standardized exams to be considered for law school or engage in other low risk exploration activities," Shepherd says. "In these cases, hitting rock bottom opens up myriad new opportunities." 

Study: Couples Who Say “We” Are Happier

We all know those couples who seem so in-sync with each other that they finish each other’s sentences and refer to themselves as “we.” You may even be part of one of those couples, and according to new research, that’s a good thing. A recent study from the University of California finds that couples who say “we” are actually happier.

Researchers analyzed data from 30 different studies involving around 5,300 people and found a distinct link between “we” talk and a happy, healthy relationship. Researchers looked at relationship outcomes, relationship behaviors, mental and physical health and found that couples who refer to themselves as we tend to actually be happier.

So while we may roll our eyes when our friend uses “we” to tell us how much she and her partner loved a movie they saw on Netflix, it’s a sign she feels like they’re a team. The study finds that couples who use “we” a lot are probably more focused on their partnership and less selfish. It means they’re close and think of themselves as a team and science says it’s a sign of a happy relationship. So if you’re part of a “we” partnership, who cares if others find it annoying. Your partner has your back and you know it and there’s no shame in that.

Source: Elite Daily

Why You're Likely To Be Miserable In January

Okay, so we’ve gotten through our holidays bushy-tailed and bright-eyed. But now we’re in the thick of January, and for some reason, our holiday cheer has worn down to a solid zero. Launching yourself back into reality after a solid couple of weeks off can be quite a downer, and there’s a reason we’re all feeling kind of miserable this January. It’s called Janxiety, and we all experience it.

There’s one not-so-surprising reason why we’re all feeling kind of down all of a sudden. We felt super hopeful as we were making our New Year’s resolutions, and now that reality has hit, we’re feeling a sort of pressure to fulfill our New Year’s goals. Here’s the deal, folks – your resolutions are almost always destined to fail somehow. Instead of setting reasonable goals, we’ve given ourselves hard-to-attain standards of living.

Remember that you’re just a human being. Whether or not you can stick to your newfound vegan diet does not define you. Reach for the Big Mac every once in a while, and don’t look at your slip-ups as failures. Conquer this year however you feel comfortable with!

Source: Bustle

Why Women Are Posting Photos Of Their Leg Hair On Social Media

We’ve seen more and more women ditch their razors recently, some to make a statement and others because they just don’t care about looking “perfectly groomed” anymore. And there’s a new movement on social media this month to celebrate women growing out their body hair, with photos to show it off. It’s called #Januhairy and the images are most definitely hairy.

Januhairy was started by student Laura Jackson, who first grew out her body hair for a college project and now she wants to encourage women to accept and empower themselves with their body hair as well as challenge the idea that female body hair is abnormal or something to be ashamed of. They’ve even turned Januhairy into a fundraiser for Body Gossip, a nonprofit that promotes education around body acceptance, by encouraging followers to sponsor women who dare to not go bare.

Jackson is encouraging others to post photos of their body hair-growing progress on social media, with hopes that filling feeds with photos of women with body hair will become normal. It’s not for everyone, but it is natural, so if you’re into hairy pits or legs, enjoy your Januhairy and raise money for a good cause while you’re at it.

Source: Glamour

“Foot Lifts” Are A New Plastic Surgery Trend

While we’re snuggled in our cozy socks and tights to keep our feet warm this winter, it’s summer down under in Australia and they’re sporting sandals. And there’s a growing trend among those who may not feel their feet are ready for open-toe shoes just yet - they’re getting “Cinderella surgery.” It’s basically a “facelift for your feet” and can include everything from common procedures like bunion removal to foot slimming and toe-shortening, all with the goal of getting smoother, younger looking feet.

Sydney foot surgeon Dr. Haydar Ozcan explains that people seeking Cinderella surgery aren’t always doing it for better looking feet. He says some folks have painful conditions they want relief from, like bunions, clawed toes, long or short toes or flat feet and they’re going under the knife for help.

Despite the name, Cinderella surgery is not a fairytale and does involve some serious foot work. Dr. Craig Hankridge says that some patients who’ve had a cosmetic issue for a while that becomes more and more painful finally decide to have the procedure to improve both appearance and function. Of course, like all surgeries, there’s a risk involved, but that’s not stopping people from getting foot fillers to plump and even out their feet, or ankle liposculpture to get rid of those pesky “cankles.”

Source: Whimn

Saudi Women To Get Text Messages About Divorce

Looks like there won't be a need for those awkward, "I want a divorce" conversations in Saudi Arabia anymore. A text message will now be sent to women in Saudi Arabia who have been divorced by their husband, as of yesterday. 

The Saudi Ministry of Justice posted on Twitter that's how they will be "receiving marital status" updates. This is actually a step in the right direction since, in the past, men ended their marriages without telling their wives anything.

The message will include the divorce certificate number and the name of the relevant court where the women can pick up the documentation. In addition, their marital status can be examined through a website. Probate certificates are also available on the site.

While it's really nice to hear that Saudi men are now notifying women of their relationship status, women are still prohibited from doing a few things without a man's permission. They include applying for passports, traveling abroad, getting married, opening a bank account, starting certain businesses, and getting elective surgery.

Source: UPI



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