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Astronomers Find A New Planet

It appears that astronomers might have just discovered a planet twice the size of Earth that could allow liquid water to exist on its surface.

This news comes from data received by NASA's planet-hunting spacecraft, the Kepler space telescope, which ran out of fuel in October 2018. The planet, K2-288Bb, is located within its star's habitable zone, which is why liquid water is a possibility. 

Astronomers are also amazed at how big the planet is. Few planets that orbit close to their stars are more than 1.5 times as large as Earth yet this new planet is estimated to be roughly 1.9 times the size of earth.

Kepler has discovered more than 2,600 confirmed planets and about 50 of them may be the same size and temperature as Earth.

Source: Business Insider

Cops Warn Motorists Not To Steal Chicken Tenders: 

You don't often hear of the police warning people not to steal chicken fingers but that's exactly what's happening in Alabama. Authorities have had to threaten locals with charges to keep them from taking and eating chicken strips that fell off of a truck onto a rural highway after a crash. On Sunday, a semi truck hauling boxes of chicken tenders overturned on Highway 35 in Cherokee County, Alabama. During the crash, the truck’s load of chicken tenders spilled off onto the roadway. But the lost chicken tenders must’ve proven to be too damn tempting to Alabama residents because local authorities have had to issue an official warning. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook a message to residents to let them know they are creating a traffic hazard by stopping on the highway to pick up the chicken tenders. The post warns locals that they could face charges if they are caught taking the chicken tenders.

All The New Oreos Coming Soon

Forget new year, new you, we’re much more interested in new year, new Oreo flavors. The iconic cookie is known for coming out with fresh fun flavors and they’re not disappointing with these new offerings.

First up is Carrot Cake Oreos, which have a cream cheese creme center between a pair of carrot cake-flavored cookies. These are available now at stores including Target and Walmart.

And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Oreo has a special treat for the upcoming holiday, limited-edition Love Oreo Cookies. The cookies aren’t a unique flavor, just chocolate wafers, but they do have a “sweet and tangy pink colored-creme center.” These will be available at retailers through Valentine’s Day and the fun thing about these is they come with four different designs with love-related messages embossed on each cookie. They read:

  • Dunk in Love
  • Dear Cupid Send Oreo
  • XOXO Oreo
  • Let’s Twist

And for those who love a good salty and sweet combo, food blogger The Junk Food Aisle reports that Buttered Popcorn Oreos are coming soon. They were lucky enough to get to taste one recently, but without knowing the flavor, and after only licking the creme filling, they thought the flavor was pineapple. Oreo hasn’t confirmed the rumor yet, but The Junk Food Aisle says these cookies are coming soon.

Source: Chewboom

Making Your Bed Could Have A Huge Impact On Your Mood

So many of us ditch the “making our beds” part of the day because we know the next time we even SEE our beds, we’re just going to be getting back into it. Why waste the energy, right? Well, no… wrong. Imagine starting every day by doing something productive. That’s what making your bed in the mornings will do for you

According to a recent survey by OnePoll and Sleepopolis, people who make their beds every day tend to be adventurous, social, and confident morning people. Doesn’t sound like you? Maybe you should try making your bed every day. And even if making your bed doesn’t turn you into the class president you once were, it can certainly set you up to feel a little better about yourself as the day goes on.

Just by making your bed, you’ve put your mind into a task-completing mood. Not to mention how good you’ll feel coming home to a tidy-looking room. Use your made bed as a reminder that you did SOMETHING productive today, and tomorrow can only be better!

Source: Bustle

Would You Be Able To Spend 30 Days in A Dark Isolated Room For 100 Grand?

How long do you reckon you could last in solitary confinement and total darkness? How about for a prize of $100,000? One daring poker player bet his friend that he could spend at least 30 days in such extreme conditions and underwent a high stakes 30-day experiment to prove it. So on the 20th day, after making a food delivery for his friend and seeing that he was in good spirits, Young began to negotiate with Rich Alati, hoping to cut his losses. He initially offered Alati $25,000 to end the bet on the spot, but eventually ended up agreeing to pay him an early buyout of $62,400 just to cut his losses. Both players had hedged their bets, so Rory Young only ended up losing $42,000, but it definitely still hurt.

  • How many days could you do in a dark room for 100 grand?


Here Are The Top Jobs In The U.S. - What once was considered “geeky” now reigns supreme.

That’s right, if you want to have one of the best jobs, you need to get your geek on. U.S. News and World Reports' annual Best Jobs rankings for 2019 has software developer at the top of the list.

Why? The most recent government figures show the median salary for software developers is more than 101-thousand dollars a year and the unemployment rate is less than two-percent. Demand for software developers is projected to increase 30-percent over the next seven years.

But it doesn’t stop there; some of the other top jobs are “in your head” but the medical field dominates the top 10. Other best jobs include:

  1. Statistician
  2. Physician Assistant
  3. Dentist
  4. Orthodontist
  5. Nurse Anesthetist
  6. Nurse Practitioner
  7. Pediatrician
  8. Ob/Gyn
  9. Oral ans Maxillofacial Surgeon. (They deal with teeth and gum issues that are serious)

Source: U.S. News & World Report



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