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Today is Bittersweet Chocolate Day, Today is Household Plant Appreciation Day

Dream Job? Get Paid $130,000 to Live on This Island in the Middle of the Bay

East Brother Light Station in San Pablo Bay California, which sits on the small island just north of the Richmond–San Rafael Bridge — now operates as an inn, and after April, there will be nobody to run it.

The current operators, Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker, will be handing over the keys to the 1874 lighthouse turned bed and breakfast to the right couple. Applicants should be prepared to do everything it takes to keep the place running, including ferrying the guests to the .7 acre outpost on the water.

"The successful candidates will be a couple, one of whom must possess a Coast Guard commercial boat operator's license," the not-for-profit which operates the location wrote in a press release. "They will operate the five-room inn, serving both dinner and breakfast, as well as providing ferry service for guests and all other tasks from chef to maid. High quality culinary experience and capability will be a critical qualification. The inn is open four days a week, and the island is also available for day use and special events. The new keepers will start in mid-April 2019, allowing two weeks for training."

The inn is open four days a week and hosts a number of special events. The couple will be paid around $130,000 annually, and provided housing on the island, according to East Brother Lighthouse Inc., which operates the Coast Guard-owned island.

Anyone interested in applying should confirm that valid Coast Guard license and then download the application here.

Link: http://www.tombutt.com/pdf/keeper_application.dot

Newest Dating Term/Trend “Throning” Is Wrong But Has Been Going On For Centuries

As if it wasn’t hard enough find a decent dude to date already, now they’re pulling some new BS move called “throning.” This one is basically when a guy dates you because he sees you as being someone who can boost his or her popularity. If feel like this has been going on since the beginning of dating. How many times have you seen couples that don’t look like they belong together but are. Maybe one person has ulterior motives.

  • Have you ever been guilty of “throning” someone? How long did it last and did they make you more popular?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been “throned” in the past? How did you make that person more popular?

Science Says Chocolate Fights A Cough Better Than Rx Meds

As flu season kicks into high gear, most of us are bound to come down with a cough at some point. But when you do, before you reach for cough syrup to relieve your symptoms, there’s a tasty treatment that actually works better and doesn’t give you any of the fuzzy-headed side-effects medications can cause - and it’s chocolate.

According to Dr. Alyn Morice, a professor and respected authority on all things cough and respiratory medicine related, chocolate can soothe coughs better than codeine syrup because it forms a sticky coating in the throat. The melted chocolate coating protects nerve endings in the throat that cause you to cough, allowing the naturally present cough-suppressing ingredients to calm your damaged throat nerves down.

And while it might seem like drinking a cup of hot chocolate would be the ideal cough soother, unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well. The warm, sweet beverage may feel cozy and comforting going down, but Dr. Morice says the liquid doesn’t have enough long-term clinging contact with the nerves to be effective. She advises sucking on a piece of chocolate and letting it melt slowly to coat your throat. And this is one home remedy we’re happy to try.

Source: Shape

Someone Made A Dating App Based On A “Black Mirror” Episode

In season four of the series “Black Mirror,” there’s an episode about people getting matched together, but their relationship comes with an expiration date. The couple can decide to find out what it is, or remain oblivious until their time is up and have fun while it lasts. It’s a more upbeat episode in the dark and dystopian show, and one viewer seems to have liked it so much, he created a dating app with a similar method of matchmaking.

Julian Alexander, a programmer, recently shared on an AMA on Redditthat he’d been building an AI matchmaker named Juliet to help singles find their ideal match. He posted that he and his buddies were tired of the dating apps and all the swiping with little to no results, so he came up with one of his own.

Alexander’s app, Juliet, only matches you with one person at a time and it “learns” about your likes and dislikes from your interactions. If Juliet decides, your match will expire and it will find you someone you’re more compatible with. He says it takes physical aspects and personality into account and that the unpredictability of the time element gives it an urgency, so users can be more focused on finding a match.

"Like when you see someone you're interested in, you have to make a move or you'll lose your chance," Alexander says, adding that he’s a big fan of "Black Mirror," and feels the role of technology in modern day life extremely important. Guess that’s love in the digital age.

Source: Insider

Most People Make New Year’s Resolutions For Their Pets

While a lot of us made New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives in 2019, apparently a lot of folks were also making resolutions for other members of the family: as in, pets.

A new poll finds that 61% of pet owners made a resolution for their dog or cat, although apparently dogs need a little more help, with half of dog owners making resolutions for their pooch, while only 27% of cat owners made one for their cat. 

And a lot of those resolutions are similar to ones folks make for themselves, with 71% of pet owners seeing the new year as a good time to get their pet healthy. The top resolution is exercising more (56%), followed by:

  • Trying a new activity (49%)
  • Losing weight (49%)
  • Better hygiene (47%)
  • More playtime (44%)

Source: SWNS Digital



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