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Olive Garden Offers Breadstick Bouquets For Valentine’s Day - Nothing says “I love you” like… carbs.

The Olive Garden is offering an alternative to flowers this year; they’re going all out with breadstick bouquets! The family style restaurant thought of everything, including printable wrapping paper. You can pick from the sayings "love at first bite" or "my love for you is never ending."

Print out the saying, get the breadsticks and you are set! By the way, the restaurant is also offering dinner specials for the day of love too.

Source: ABC Chicago

Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?

Is there anything better than falling in love with an amazing new partner? You get cozy, comfortable… and then you gain weight. While getting fat when you’re supremely happy isn’t a total surprise, you might be shocked at how much the scale will go up in the first year of your relationship. The study done by Jenny Craig says that all the participants are in relationships and were asked about the impact of falling in love on their weight. They found that the average person put on about 17 pounds in the first year of a relationship and 36 in total since they left singlehood behind.

  • Would you rather be thin and single or fat and in a relationship?
  • Have you and your partner maintained a healthy weight in your relationship?

Link: https://www.bolde.com/ready-to-get-fat-when-you-fall-in-love

Science Says Restrictive Dieting Could Shorten Your Life

Keto fans swear the keto diet is the best thing they’ve ever tried, but new research finds that there’s a pretty severe downside to restrictive diets, including keto. According to a new study , following a super strict eating plan like that can actually shorten your lifespan.

Scientists followed nearly half a million people for 25 years, tracking their diets and comparing how long they live. And it turns out, those who get less than 40% or more than 70% of their calories from carbs are more likely to die than those who ate some amount between those numbers. Keto calls for sourcing only five to 10% of your daily calories from carbs, so it’s definitely outside the ideal zone the study suggests. Other high fat, low-carb diets including paleo, Atkins, and Whole30 fall into that restrictive category, too.

So basically, your diet needs balance to keep you healthy and have you stick around longer. What should we be eating then? Study authors suggest a diet “rich in plant-based whole foods such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts is associated with healthy aging.” And once again, science says a quick fix isn’t as good for us as moderation, which always seems to be key.

Source: Shape

Are You So Indecisive You’d Pay Someone To Make Decisions For You?

We all make wrong decisions from time to time, but one woman in the UK feels like she’s made so many of them over the last year that she now wants to pay an “enlightened individual” $2,600 to make decisions on her behalf for a month. After reportedly losing money by trusting a friend, becoming stranded and penniless in a foreign country, getting mugged and being in a toxic romantic relationship, all in the last twelve months, an anonymous woman from Bristol, in the UK, wants to hire a spiritual guide or clairvoyant to help her make decisions for a month and get her life back on track. She’s willing to pay the successful candidate a fee of £2,000 ($2,600).

  • How much would you be willing to pay someone to make better decisions for you?
  • Do you think you’d be good at making decisions for someone else?

Link: https://www.odditycentral.com/news/woman-wants-to-hire-

Parents Reveal The Ridiculous Reasons Their Kids Had A Meltdown

Most parents know their kids are often unreasonable, and can throw a tantrum for absolutely no reason, often in the worst possible locations. Well, now some of those parents are sharing the ridiculous reasons for their kids’ meltdowns and they are pretty hysterical.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What's the most illogical thing your toddler had a breakdown over?” and plenty of parents were more than happy to respond.

Responses include:

  • “My toddler lost it because the imaginary door on his imaginary fire truck wouldn’t open, and he was stuck inside."
  • “Our daughter cried because she didn't get to go to her parents' wedding — seven years before she was born."
  • “From the backseat my enraged toddler sobbed, 'He's looking out my window!' He was mad because his brother was looking out of 'his' window instead of the other one."
  • "My 2-year-old son heard my wife crumple up a receipt and for the next hour lost his mind that we had a cookie we were holding out on him. No amount of explaining could fix the situation."
  • “My kid screamed at his balloons for an hour because they wouldn't stop floating."
  • “My son wanted me to wrap him like a burrito for bed. I did, but he was upset that I wrapped him like a bean burrito, crying, 'I want to be a chicken and rice burrito!'"
  • “They wanted another chicken nugget, so I gave them another chicken nugget. Breakdown."
  • "Kiddo flipped out because the cat cheated in a game they were playing."
  • “My daughter lost it because she wanted a twin sister (she has a twin sister)."
  • “My toddler loves being tickled, so I was tickling him one day. He let out a huge fart and immediately started crying and screaming. I asked him why he was screaming and he replied, 'I was saving that for later.'"

Source: Buzzfeed

New Smart Shoe Can Warn You About Getting Fat

The future of our health could lie in what we wear on our feet. Google has announced that they are working on a new smart shoe that will help us live healthier. 

Google is said to be designing footwear embedded with sensors that can tell how much the user weighs and monitor their activity. The shoes can also be programmed to detect falls, meaning they could appeal to older customers as they could send alerts to families or caregivers. 

Despite all the positives in helping us live healthier lives, some people fear that insurance companies may use this information to determine how much their customers should be charged for coverage given their exercise rates. 

Source:  The Sun



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