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Are You Guilty of “Instagrandstanding”?

There’s nothing wrong with plastering your Instagram feed with amazing selfies for those days when you know you look bomb as hell—haters not welcome!—but generally speaking, they should be to big yourself up rather than to get your crush’s attention. That’s called Instagrandstanding, i.e. curating your feed specifically for one person. Posting a hot photo of yourself because you know the person you like is looking and you want their attention isn’t the worst thing in the world, but Instagrandstanding takes this generally innocuous behavior to the extreme.

  • Are you guilty of Instagrandstanding to impress just one person?
  • Is it Instagrandstanding if you post pictures just to make your ex jealous?

Dear Dave from Becca*

*Named changed per request

"So after a year of dating, my boyfriend told me last night something I always suspected… that his mother doesn’t really like me. She’s always polite to me but she’s much nicer to his brother’s two girlfriends and I always feel like the odd girl out.

He told me after I cornered him on the subject, telling me she’s not into the fact that I’m more into my career than I am to be a stay at home mom. He told me he’s happy as long as I’m happy but now I’m not happy.

I don’t want to be with someone whose mom or parents don’t support me even if their son does. I know I need to have a conversation with my boyfriend but what do I say? Should I ask him if I should talk to him mom about it before we move forward in our relationship because we were thinking about moving in together this summer?"

Woman Begins Motherhood Again At 50 After Giving Birth

Imagine being a 50-year-old woman and being told by doctors that you're going through menopause and that the chance of you ever giving birth again was zero. Now imagine giving birth to a baby boy after that. That's the reality for one Florida couple.

Michele Halland her husbandJerryare the proud parents of a baby boy namedGraysonwho weighed in at six pounds. They already had themselves four children with the oldest being 34. Shocked is an understatement the couple says after realizing that they were adding to the family. Doctors had told Michele that she was going through menopause and the chance of getting pregnant was zero. 

Based on medical records for the past 10 years, it appears 53 is the age of the oldest woman who has given birth in the hospital. Michele turns 51 in May and says that she won't be having any more children. She made sure of that. During the C-section, Beckett removed her fallopian tubes. 

Source: NaplesNews

Anna Wintour Says This Is What To Wear To A Job Interview

Practically everyone gets nervous during a job interview at some point. Everything about the situation feels strange, and it is. Just getting ready for a job interview can be totally nerve-wracking, way before we’re sitting face-to-face with strangers overanalyzing what we’re saying and doing. And one of the biggest parts of the pre-interview jitters is deciding what to wear. We tend to want to dress to impress, but according to fashion expert and “Vogue” editor-in-chiefAnna Wintour,that may not be the best move.

In a recent edition of Wintour’s “Go Ask Anna” segment, she offers her advice on dressing for interviews. And instead of going out to buy a brand new suit or outfit for a job interview, she actually advises the opposite. She says people may wear clothes “they just bought that morning or maybe the night before, and not something that in any way suits their personality and who they are.” And that is apparently a fashion don’t.

Wintour points out that everyone should remember, no matter if they’re interviewing at “Vogue” or anywhere else, that it’s not the wardrobe they’re hiring. So what should we wear to land the job? “You have to dress for yourself,” she explains. “I think it doesn’t do yourself a service to fake it.”

Source:Hello Giggles

Will Working For A Bad Boss Make You Bad, Too?

Sometimes – and especially if you’re really looking to make it in your field – you’ll find yourself willing to do things for a bad boss. Doesn’t matter how messed up or wrong you think your boss is. Subconsciously, you might be inclined to do whatever it takes to make it to the top. According to a recent survey, 9% of people have felt they changed up their ethics because of the organization they worked for.

Are we doomed to be just as bad as the bad bosses we choose to work for?Not always.In a lot of cases, rudeness can be contagious. If you’re in a find mood but you’re constantly around people who are in a bad mood, it’s totally possible that they can drag you down with them. But when it comes to our morality, that stuff sticks a little harder.

If you’re not a thief, cheater, or liar, it should be hard for your bad boss to convince you to be any of those things. Bad bosses might shape the office culture you work in every day, but it doesn’t mean you’re destined to become just as bad as your boss. In fact, it could have the opposite effect. You could go through your career with a goal of being better than that terrible boss you had.

The secret is to recognize the crap you don’t like and keep yourself in check every day. Kill ‘em with kindness. Be the only good mood in a gray office. You’ll be better for it (and probably more successful)!

Source:Huffington Post

*LIST* The 20 Best Places To Visit In 2019

There are a lot of people out there already planning their vacations for the rest of the year. And while many of us will go to the same vacation destination year after year, there are others who like to explore something different. Well, if you are one of those people and you're looking for some ideas, “Money” magazine is here to help.

The mag just came out with their list of the 20 Best Places to Go To in 2019, which consists of destinations both in the U.S. and internationally that deliver the highest value for your dollar. They’ve even come up with an estimated cost for a visit, which includes average airfare,rooms, plus local transportation, meals, and activities for two. Domestic trips are averaged for three days, while international trips are for a week.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to travel outside the U.S., the mag recommends Jekyll Island, Georgia as their top pick, where the cost of a three-night stay for two people will set you back around $1,874. “Money” calls the area a “tucked away gem” great for both beach and nature lovers. Plus it’s only a half-hour away from Savannah and an hour from Florida beaches. 

Top Ten U.S. Places To Visit In 2018

(cost for three days)

  1. Jekyll Island, GA ($1,874)
  2. Ponce Inlet, FL ($1,481)
  3. Las Cruces, NM ($1.578)
  4. Stowe, VT ($2,209)
  5. San Antonio, TX ($1,729)
  6. Sag Harbor, NY ($2,002)
  7. Los Angeles, CA ($1,971)
  8. Cincinnati, OH ($1,575)
  9. St. George, UT ($1,739)
  10. Mystic, CT ($1,841)

If you’re travel interests are more international, “Money” recommends Meknes, Morocco, where a week’s vacation for two will only set you back $2,639. The mag says while it’s “overshadowed” by Casablanca and Marrakesh, that’s what makes Meknes special, noting it “feels more laid-back, in a good way. 

Top Ten International Places To Visit In 2018

(cost for a week)

  1. Meknes, Morocco ($2,639)
  2. Cozumel, Mexico ($2,593)
  3. Havana, Cuba ($2,382)
  4. Montreal, Canada ($2,962)
  5. Nanjing, China ($2,817)
  6. Monteverde, Costa Rica ($2,636)
  7. Medellín, Colombia ($2,208)
  8. Crete, Greece ($4,301)
  9. Prague, Czech Republic ($3,542)
  10. Tainan, Taiwan ($3,271)




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