Hannah's Headlines - 3/19/2019


MySpace Loses All Content Uploaded Before 2016 -If you uploaded pictures or music before 2016 onto MySpace, it’s gone forever. And we’re just now being told.

All of the content uploaded to Myspace before 2016 is now gone. The social network says that a faulty server migration caused the mass deletion about a year ago erasing pictures, videos and more than 50-million songs from artists like Lily Allen and the Arctic Monkeys. This loss is permanent, according to a company spokesperson.

Last year, Myspace had claimed the deletion was a temporary error and would be fixed, but said the opposite by July causing skepticism across the Internet. Many have compared this incident to similar data losses from failed websites like Geocities and Google Plus.

The site was one hugely popular with Indie artists and served as a pre-Facebook_” social media hot spot.

Google’s Streaming Video Game Service Gets Unveiled Today -Google is expected to announce its streaming video game service today.

The aim is to allow people to stream games wherever they may be, whether it's on a phone, a smart TV, or a computer. There's also a rumor about a console that's been codenamed "Yeti," but so far Google's keeping things quiet until today's announcement at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

There's no word on how much the service will cost. But we do know Google has also been working on its own games for players to buy too.

The service will make it possible to play without gaming consoles.

Source:9to5 Google

Lucky Charms Is Giving Away 15,000 Boxes Of Marshmallow-Only Cereal

Lots of folks think that the best part of Lucky Charms cereal are the marshmallow pieces and if you’re one of them, we have some good news. Lucky Charms’ Marshmallow Only boxes are back, but only for a limited time and you’ve got to actually be lucky to get your hands on one.

Back in 2015 the company launched them as a promo, but only gave away 10 boxes and then they did it again in 2017 with 10,000 boxes. And now they’re giving away even more -15,000 boxes - and the marshmallows are even better because they’re shaped like unicorns and rainbows!

To get your box, look for specially-marked Lucky Charms promotion boxes in stores now through summer, then enter the code found inside the box atMarshmallowOnly.comto see if you’re a winner. Good luck, Lucky Charms fans.


The Most Popular Cuisine In The World Is Italian

There’s a lot of incredible food in the world and everyone has their own favorite, but according to a new survey, one cuisine is the most popular in the world. And since it includes pasta and pizza, it’s not that surprising that Italian food is the most popular across the planet.

The survey from market research firmYouGovfinds that not only do 99% of Italians love Italian food, over 90% of people from Spain, France, Sweden, and the U.K. prefer Italian food over any other foreign cuisine. Coming in strong in second place is Chinese food, followed by Japanese food.

On the flip side, the survey also reveals the world’s least popular food and that distinction belongs to Peru.

Source:The Daily Meal



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