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Twitter Has A Viral "Florida Man" Challenge

There’s a viral sensation taking over social media called the ‘Florida Man’ Challenge and it’s super easy to participate and will make you laugh. 

Basically, the internet is asking people, “What’s your Florida man story? It’s fun and ridiculous at the same time, just like many of the people you'll find when searching. 

It all started with a Tumblr post last week when people were being asked to Google “Florida man” followed by your birthday. For example, “Florida man April 7.” The first story that comes up is your ‘Florida Man’ story.

The results are hysterical at times.

Source: Complex

Science Says We Start Turning Into Our Moms At Age 33

If you’re worried about turning into your mom one day, you can relax already because science says it’s going to happen. And now they’re even telling us when it’s going to happen and it’s probably sooner than you think. Despite all your efforts, new research reveals you’re likely to start becoming more like your mom in your early 30s.

According to anew studyfrom the U.K., we all turn into our parents somewhat, so it’s probably going to happen to your partner as well.Dr. Julian De Silva surveyed more than 2,000 people about when they started to feel and act more like their moms and dads, in terms of starting to read and watch the same media, to just liking the same things and using the same sayings that they rolled their eyes at as kids. And it turns out, more than half (52%) started acting like their moms between 30 and 35 and another 26% made it to between 35 and 40, and a lucky 10% managed to hold out until after 40. And if it makes you feel any better, men start turning into their dads around age 34, too.

As for why we turn into our moms so early, De Silva says a lot of it has to do with becoming a parent. When we start raising our own families, the way we act reflects the way we were raised. So it makes sense it happens around the age we become parents ourselves. And around that time we start saying “because I said so,” we also start looking more like our parents, but that doesn’t mean we have to resort to those holiday-themed sweaters. But just because you find yourself yelling about kids wiping their feet and turning off lights doesn’t mean you have to give in to the mom tendencies. Just say no to that snazzy Easter sweater, friends.

Source:Scary Mommy

A Website Called “Does The Dog Die” Will Save Anyone Who Hates Sad Dog Movies

Any death in a movie, book, or TV show can be upsetting, especially when you’re totally not expecting it. But if an animal dying leaves you so emotionally distraught that you don’t even want to watch in the first place, now there’s a website to save you that pain.DoesTheDogDie.comis a simple site that lets you know exactly that - if the dog dies during the movie.

The site is easy to search, just enter the title of the book, movie, or TV show and you’ll get a “yes” or “no” answer. But DoesTheDogDie.com doesn’t just prepare you emotionally for the death of a dog in your movie or show, it warns you about other animals too. You can search for the fate of other animals, like horses or cats, and they even have a category called “does an animal die (besides a dog, cat, or horse).”

Will this site save you from ever watching a sad animal movie ever again? Of course not because there are all kinds of tearjerkers about animals where they live, but it’s sad and emotional for other reasons. And before you sit down to watch something with the kids, it might be nice to know what to expect on-screen. Aside from warning about animals dying, this site could also be very valuable for those who have a fear of clowns because there’s a category that reveals if those scary suckers are going to be making an appearance, too.


What’s The Ideal Temperature For You? What Do You Keep The House Thermostat Set At?

If you find yourself constantly tweaking your home’s thermostat in search of the perfect temperature, you might save some time by just moving to eastern Africa. That might sound drastic, but a new study reveals that you’d probably be a whole lot more comfortable than you are right now. The research, which was published in Royal Society Open Science, reveals that the temperatures Americans typically gravitate towards when adjusting their thermostats closely match the conditions in Kenya and other regions in eastern Africa. This probably isn’t just a coincidence. The researchers found that the range of home temperatures fluctuated between the upper 40s Fahrenheit (usually at night) to as high as the mid-90s, with most homes falling well within those margins. Then, using a grid system to average worldwide temperatures, they matched that range with the specific areas of the globe. Eastern Africa was top of the list.

  • What’s your ideal temperature of the day and the evening? I want 85 during the day and 75 at night. 




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