Researchers: this is how long it takes couples to define a relationship

When you start dating someone new there’s always that awkward question of when exactly things have progressed enough to start defining your relationship. I mean while some people may be okay with using boyfriend and girlfriend after a couple of dates, not everyone is down with that. 

So, just how long does it take couples to have "The Talk" about their relationship? Well, according to a new poll by EdenFantasys, it takes the average couple six weeks to define their relationship, although the survey indicates that may actually be too long to wait. In fact, 40% of Americans feel they waited too long to put a label on their relationship, which resulted in one member of the couple finding something on the side.

And while you’d think putting a label on the relationship would come before other couple milestones that seems to not be true at all. It seems 73% of Americans say they had their first kiss before labeling at least one relationship, while 50% actually said “I love you” before slapping a label on their partnership. What’s more, 60% of folks say they had sex before labeling a relationship at least once, with the average American noting that sex actually comes five weeks before they define their relationship. 

  • But bringing up the subject of defining a relationship can be a tricky one though. The survey suggests you can bring up the subject after the fifth date, but it’s important not to rush things, with 42% of Americans saying they lost a partner because they were over eager to define their relationship.

Source:SWNS Digital



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