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Peeps Coffee Drinks And Donuts Are Coming To Dunkin’

We have to wait a few more weeks before the Easter Bunny delivers those baskets of treats, but Dunkin’ won’t make you wait that long. Starting April 1st they’ll be serving up Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee and an adorable Peeps donut, which is topped with white icing, green and egg-shaped sprinkles and a real mini yellow Peeps chick.

To celebrate the launch of the new marshmallow-flavored goodies, Dunkin is hitting the road with free coffee and donuts. From April 2nd to 4th, their “custom-sculpted coffee car” and a “Peepsmobile” - we can’t make this stuff up, guys - will be traveling to a total of six Dunkin’ locations. Their first stop is in Peeps’ hometown, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and they’re ending the road trip in Dunkin’s birthplace, Quincy, Massachusetts.

When the kooky cars arrive, the first 250 guests there will get a free small Peeps-flavored iced coffee, a Peeps donut, and other fun giveaways. Follow them on Instagram for clues where they’ll be showing up.

Source:Food and Wine

The Latest Twitter Prank Will Get You Deleted If You Bite

Be careful what you believe on Twitter. That goes for tweets from “trusted” politicians to scams here and there that claim to earn you some cash. The latest Twitter prank is one that will have you wishing you’d Googled it first. An avid tweeter took to the platform to let people know that if they changed their birthday to 2007 on Twitter, they would unlock new color schemes, admin privileges,and get paid.

This is obviously-but-not-so-obviously, NOT TRUE. What REALLY happens when you do this results in your account being deleted – because Twitter will deem you too young to be on the site. It’s all an elaborate prank to get people to unknowingly delete their profiles. Don’t fall for it! You gotta be 13 to have an account on Twitter, and saying you were born in 2007 would make you 12.

Twitter Support has actually come to the rescue with their own tweet after noticing a slew of profiles dropping in age all of a sudden. So we all agree – this prank is no good for anyone. And really…who has time for this nonsense!?


NASA and ESA Are Paying People $19K to Lie in Bed for 60 Days

Regardless of what your own personal idea of a dream job might be, you have to admit that being paid to lounge around in bed sounds pretty awesome — and that’s exactly what NASA and ESA want a crew of volunteers to do in order to test the potential benefits of artificial gravity for long-haul space missions.

The research, which is being conducted in Germany, will require a total of 24 participants to remain in bed for two full months. Volunteers will be seated at a slight incline so that their legs are slightly higher than their heads, reducing blood flow to the extremities, thus causing muscle deterioration.

When astronauts spend a long time in space, their muscles pay a big price. Scientists who fly to the International Space Station, for example, have to exercise regularly with resistance machines to keep their bodies in good working order, but NASA and ESA want to know if occasional upkeep with artificial gravity might also be beneficial.

The two dozen volunteers — being tested in two groups of 12 — will each spend 60 days resting, with occasional trips to a centrifuge in the laboratory. The spinning arm of the centrifuge will push blood back toward the feet of the participant, simulating the effects of gravity and, the scientists hope, revealing what benefits such a system might provide for real-life astronauts during lengthy stays in space.

The scientists, who are still recruiting participants for the second round of 12, are offering quite the experience for anyone brave enough to endure two months of doing absolutely nothing.

Along with being able to spend virtually every hour of the day watching TV, movies, playing video games, or reading, the team is paying a handsome sum of 16,500 euros (nearly $19,000) to each individual.

That’s a decent chunk of change for two months of “work,” but even if the study seems laid back on the surface, there are surely some psychological challenges to remaining in the same room, lying slightly backwards, for 60 days (and another 30 days of recovery afterward).

We wish the volunteers the best of luck!


IOC Adding Break Dancing To Olympics?

Break dancing may be coming to the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee executive board has voted to recommend break dancing, skateboarding, sports climbing, and surfing to the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

It’s not a done deal, however. The full committee will need to approve the recommendation when it convenes in June. The IOC is hoping to attract younger viewers.

While the other three were previously approved for next summer's Olympics in Tokyo, ‘break dancing’ is new. IOC PresidentThomas Bachthere’s a vry good reason for the shift: these four sports offer the Olympics a chance to connect to the younger generation.




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