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Do You Lie About Your Height On Dating Apps?

Sorry fellas, dating app Tinder is introducing a new tool that will verify a user’s height. It’s the “thing you never asked for, but definitely always wanted — Tinder Height Verification,” the company said in a tweet. Of course there is a good amount of lying and embellishment on Tinder and dating apps to begin with and one of the biggest lies men tell is that they are over 6-feet tall. No more, Tinder says. “It’s come to our attention that most of you 5-foot-10ers out there are actually 5-foot-6. The charade must stop,” the company said on their blog.

  • Would you rather a potential date lie about his or her height or weight?


Surgeons Ready to Start Human Trials for World’s First Head Transplant

Scientists planning the world’s first head transplant say they are one step closer to starting human trials.

The neurosurgeons have already performed the controversial operation on a corpse but now, Italian Sergio Canavaro and Xiaoping Ren, from China, claim to have repaired “irreversible” spinal cord injuries in animal experiments.

Two studies, published this week, show monkeys and dogs were able to walk again after their spinal cords were severed and successfully repaired.

The pair said their new findings are “unprecedented” and should pave the way for the first human trials.

Canavaro told USA Today the findings “completely reject the view… that a severed spinal cord cannot be mended in any way, a mantra uncritically repeated over and over.”

Human trials “next step”

Xiaoping said the breakthrough is proof that human trials should be given the go-ahead.

The studies, the findings of which are published in the journal Surgical Neurology International, took place at Harbin Medical University in China.


Reality TV Show Asks Participants to Trust Someone Else to Buy Them a House

Buying a home is one of the important financial and lifestyle decisions a person can make, so knowing exactly what you’re spending your money on is kind of important. Well, a Belgian reality TV show is flipping that idea on its head by asking participants to trust a couple of experts both with their finances and choosing a house for them, without ever seeing it themselves.

“Blind Gekocht“, or “Bought Blind” is an original reality show on Belgian-Flemish channel VIER that invites couples to entrust one of the most important decisions of their life to a couple of strangers.

After agreeing to go on Bought Blind, couples sign a legally-binding document that gives the show’s experts – an experienced real-estate agent and an interior decorator – complete control over their savings or mortgage loan, allowing them to buy a house that best fits the couple’s preferences in terms of budget, location, space, etc. The paperwork also specifies that the couple will receive no information about the house until the day the keys are handed to them. The couples only get to see the experts twice: once to convey their wishes and a second time when they move into the finished house.

The first episode of Bought Blind aired on March 27 and it didn’t quite have the happy ending of American-style reality shows. After seeing the house bought for them, Bart and Els realized that it wasn’t quite the home of their dreams and that there was still a lot of renovating to be done. They didn’t know if they’d have the budget to make the necessary changes. It’s unclear whether they’ll be keeping it or opt to resell it.


Denim Panties Exist, And They’re Expensive

It isn’t uncommon for fashion houses to constantly push the envelope when it comes to design, but the latest creation from one fashion house has got folks shaking their heads.

Parisian label Y/Project has just introduced what they are calling a “jantie,” which is basically a pair of jean underwear. That’s right, Denim panties. “These ‘brief-style shorts’ can be worn under or over pants, meaning they’re far more versatile than what you’d traditionally expect from a pair of briefs,” the company explains. “Underwear that doesn’t need to stay ‘under there.’” 

As if the jean panties weren’t shocking enough, the company is selling them for a whopping $315. They announced their latest product on Instagram, and as you can imagine, folks were not at all impressed.

“This def ain’t it ladies,” one person commented, while another added. “Two words… yeast infection.”Check them out below:

Internet Debates The Correct Way To Put On A Bra

While men may have to worry about how to get a bra off their woman, for gals, putting that restrictive piece of clothing on is a whole other story, and apparently some gals get very creative when it comes to getting the girls corralled.

A gal on Twitter recently started a huge debate over what is the correct way to put on a bra, and some of the options are a little baffling. It all started when a Twitter user named Maddie B asked folks “hey y’all how do you put on a bra??,” adding pictures of two options, one closing it in the front and turning it around, depicted in a blue picture, and another clasping it in the back, which was in red. Well, it seems those two choices were somewhat limiting to folks.

While many debated which method was easier, some were actually amazed that anyone would be able to just clasp it in the back. "I’ve wondered for a long time if people are actually skilled enough to clasp it in the back,” one person wrote. “Like HOW - in fact when I was younger I thought it was a skill I’d learn but at 19 I’ve yet to figure it out."

  • Others revealed their unique ways of putting on their bras, like one gal who puts it on “like a t-shirt,” meaning over their head, while another said they “literally step into it, and pull it up…kinda like pants," which surprised folks. In fact, one person tweeted, "whoever says they step into their bra like a skirt is dying first in a zombie apocalypse."
  • But one person just questioned the whole makeup of the bra itself, noting, “I think the bigger question is "Why are bras made with the clasp in the back?" Why is anything made to do up in the back? Do designers think we all have personal dressers to zip us up every day? Don't get me started on necklace clasps.”

Check out some of the responses below:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

aki ♚ @4 days@nakaimosu
hey y’all how do you put on a bra?? with the clasp in front of you and then turn it around, or putting the bra on regularly and clasping it from the back ??? I GOTTA KNOW
2:19 PM - Mar 24, 2019




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