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A “Sleep Divorce” Could Be The Key To A Happy Marriage

If your partner snores, chances are you’ve spent a night or two sleeping in another room just so you can get some rest. Lots of couples deal with this issue, but it seems some of them are dealing with it realistically, by getting a “sleep divorce.”

According to arecent survey, more than 30% of Americans admit they’d rather sleep apart from their significant others. Whether it’s snoring or some other issue that keeps someone from getting rest while in bed with their partner, lack of sleep can become a serious problem that can affect physical and mental health and cause irritability, anxiety and depression. So some couples are throwing in the towel on sleepless nights in bed next to their partner and are getting a “sleep divorce” - which is basically sleeping in another room, but on a permanent basis.

It may seem extreme, but when you’re beyond tired and being in bed with your boo isn’t allowing you to catch any Zs, it’s a viable solution. For Jamie and Jeff, a couple who was recently on an episode of “The Doctors” TV show about sleep divorces, sleeping apart works for them when nothing else would. He says he tried everything to stop snoring, from quitting smoking to getting surgery on his nose, but nothing helped. Now he and his wife sleep in separate bedrooms and everyone actually gets the rest they need.

The couple says they’re totally in love, but being apart for sleep actually makes their relationship better. They don’t miss out on sexy time just because they’re not in the same bed, Jeff says it’s more regular because they’re conscious about it. As crazy as it may sound, they say the sleep divorce made their relationship better.

Source:The Stir

Stressed? Get out! Literally.

A newstudyout of the University of Michigan claims that better health can be yours in just 20 minutes be day -- you just need to get up off your couch and step outside.

Study co-author MaryCarol Huntertold theDetroit Free Press that she and her colleagues were trying to lock down exactly how much time out doors is required in order to have a positive affect on people's stress levels, blood pressure, and more.

While doctors in Japan have been making such "nature pill" prescriptions for years, it wasn't clear exactly what patients should be doing -- until now.

"For a while, people have been trying to put a number on how much nature is needed," Hunter explained. "Health care professionals have different answers."

She and her colleagues used field studies of volunteers, who put away their cellphones and got outside and did something, anything, in the great outdoors. The volunteer saw a demonstrable decrease in stress in 20 minutes -- and a "dramatic decrease" after another 10. 

So while 30 minutes a day is "optimal," 20 minutes is sufficient to keep excessive stress at bay, though but Hunter says any time outdoors can help.

"Start with five minutes and see where it takes you," she said.

What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Woken Up To?

“During a trip to Central America, I woke up to a scorpion grilling me on the pillow beside me. I couldn’t sleep for like three nights after that. A literal nightmare.”…Sidney

“One time, an ex-girlfriend and I were visiting her parents. They knocked on my door at 7am for breakfast and provided formal clothes for me to wear. It was like something out of ‘The Stepford Wives’ or something. I never wanted to go back there. Broke up with her shortly after.”…Carla

“When I came downstairs to make coffee one time, my neighbor was asleep on my couch. He was drunk the night before and apparently went to the wrong house. I wasn’t even really mad at him, I was more concerned I didn’t wake up from a stumbling drunk coming into my house in the middle of the night.”…Jayden

“I have a doggie door to our backyard for our dog, who usually sleeps in my bed. One time I woke up with not only my dog in my bed, but two other dogs from the neighborhood.”…Keegan

“I used to date a guy who had a cat that liked to walk over your face while you were sleeping. It scared me so much one time I threw it across the room.”…Ava

“While traveling via train, I passed out and when I woke up, the guy sitting across from me drew a sketch of me. It turned into an altercation because I didn’t want him to have a drawing of me without asking. What a weirdo.”…Lisa

“As a kid playing hide and seek, I feel asleep between a dresser and a curtain. When no one could find me for an hour, my parents called the cops, so I woke up to sirens. To this day, the story is funnier to me than it is to my parents.”…Tim

Taking Selfies On This Thai Beach Can Get You The Death Penalty

Tourists who visit Mai Khao beach on Thailand's island of Phuket may want to think twice before taking a selfie.

Located near Phuket International Airport, Mai Khao beach has been a popular destination for tourists who can watch planes fly extremely low before landing on the airport's runway. Airport officials, however, have voiced concerns that taking selfies can distract pilots. In an effort to protect the pilots, they have implemented some serious penalties if you are caught. Those penalties include death. 

Authorities have discussed ways to close off the area adjacent to the runway, which has become known as "Unseen Phuket." Officials say that nobody will be allowed to enter this area to take photos. Specific details regarding the zone were not provided, but tourists and locals can still visit the rest of the beach, where picture-taking is welcome.

Though there is no concrete evidence that taking a selfie poses a direct danger to pilots, a report revealed complaints about the use of drones and laser pens on the beach. Anyone found guilty of purposely disturbing the pilots is subject to punishment under the country's Air Navigation Act. The penalty for anyone failing to comply with this regulation includes the death penalty, a life sentence, or a jail term of between five to 20 years. 

Source: People

Think Yourself Into Looking And Feeling Younger

Still waiting to feel like a real grown-up? That may be a good thing because according to new studies, how old you feel has a big effect on your health. That saying that “age is just a number” may be more true than we realized since science is finding that how old we feel may actually predict how long we’ll live, how happy we are and our general state of health for the next two decades.

“That mental state is known as subjective age, and it reflects your perception of how well you’re growing older,” explainsDr. Jennifer Bellingtier,a postdoctoral psychology researcher at Friedrich Schiller University in Germany. “If you think you’re aging poorly, you may be less motivated to exercise, eat well, or engage in other healthy behaviors.”

Subjective age is pretty powerful. Studies have shown that adults who feel younger have fewer signs of brain aging and better muscular, pulmonary, and metabolic functions than folks who feel older. And the best part? Perception of age is something we can control and change for the better. These are some techniques that are scientifically proven to help.

  • Don't stress over the little things -Letting small stuff, like dealing with traffic, get to you and annoy you can leave you irritated and exhausted and research shows that can make you feel older.
  • Find the upside- Perfectionism has been shown to increase subjective age, but a technique called reframing can help with the critical nature of a perfectionist. So if you’re beating yourself up for missing a deadline at work, using positive reframing, you may try to focus on the fact you’ve learned something important about how to handle your to-dos in the future. The strategy may seem forced at first, but it could soften those perfectionistic tendencies and help you feel younger and happier over time.
  • Work it out- Exercise makes us feelhealthier, stronger, and happierand all of those have positive effects on our subjective age.
  • See new places- Research from the University of Connecticut finds that traveling makes adults in their 40s and 50s feel younger and other research shows that people who are open to new experiences, like exploring new cultures, tend to feel younger. So get out there and be adventurous and explore new places, it’s fun and exciting and could make you feel more youthful, too.


Mom Gets Ticketed For Letting Son Pee In Parking Lot

Ask any mom and they’ll tell you potty training isn’t easy, and sometimes kids just can’t hold it in no matter how hard they try. But apparently letting your kids go just anywhere, even in the case of an emergency, isn’t exactly okay, and one woman found out the hard way.

Georgia mom Brooke Johns reveals on Facebook that she actually received a ticket after her son had a potty training emergency and she let him pee in the parking lot of a gas station. She explains that her three-year-old,Cohen, was about to pee in his pants when she quickly got to a gas station, but not fast enough because as soon as they arrived she realized he wasn’t going to make it inside.

“He was peeing before his pants were even all the way down," she explained, "so obviously he had to go,” and as a last resort she let him pee in the parking lot. Unfortunately, there happened to be a local deputy in that parking lot who saw the whole thing go down and gave her a citation for disorderly conduct which read, “he allowed her male child to urinate in the parking lot. I observed the male’s genitals and the urination. Public restrooms are offered at the location.”

  • Brooke now has to go to court on April 30th, which just happens to be a few days before she’s due to give birth.
  • Well, as you can imagine folks had some strong opinions about the whole thing, with many blasting the police officer. "This deputy should be looking for drugs, criminals, etc.," wrote one user, "not 'genitals' (as was noted in the citation). Sounds like this isn't the type of deputy that needs to be patrolling the streets of Augusta, especially since there are way bigger issues!."

Source: Café Mom



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