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Here’s The Best, And Worst, Day To Fill Your Gas Tank

Filling your tank up with gas can prove quite costly these days, but what day you fill your tank just may help you save a few bucks. According to the fuel-savings app GasBuddy, Monday is actually the best day to save money on gas, and it’s particularly beneficial to hit the station in the mornings, since prices could start rising by the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Fridays are theworstday to fill up your tank, likely because stations are trying to get a few more bucks from people looking to fill up before a weekend getaway. In fact, the app notes that those who normally fill up on Fridays can save between 20 and 30 bucks a year by switching to Mondays. 

Now the best and worst days to fill up does depend on where you live. In Utah, Sunday is actually the best day for gas, while in Hawaii it’s Wednesday. As for the worst, there are 16 states where Saturday is the worst day to head to the gas station, while there are 12 where it’s even worse on Sunday, and in Utah, for some reason, it will cost you most on Tuesday.

Source:USA Today

Why People Are Using Their Phone’s Black-And-White Setting

Most of us are spending too much time on our phones and we know it. In fact, we check our phones52 times a day, on average, and when we do, we tend to get sucked into a time warp and before we know it, 20 minutes have gone by. Sure, we can switch them off or switch them to airplane mode, but sometimes that’s not an option, so we continue to be tied to our smartphones.

Tristan Harrisunderstands the hold our phones have over us all too well. The former Design Ethicist at Google is now working to “reform the attention economy” with his nonprofitTime Well Spent. He’s all about helping us use our time wisely and he says there’s one thing we can do right now to help maintain a healthy detachment from our devices: change your phone to grayscale.

This means turning off the color display on your screen, so you only see things in black and white. Why would we want to do that? Harris suggests that the change could be enough to make the apps seem a little less appealing, so we won’t spend as much time endlessly scrolling and checking. Instagram without all the vivid colors? Not nearly as enticing. There are other benefits to making the switch too, including that grayscale can be easier on your eyes.

It’s easy to make the change in your phone’s settings and when you want to go back to color, you can easily do that as well. It might not be for everyone, but if it helps you avoid getting sucked mindlessly into your phone, it could be worth a try.

Source:Apartment Therapy



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