Hannah's Headlines - 4/12/2019


Watch Out For Ride Sharing“Vomit Fraud” -it may be a good idea to snap a photo of your Uber or Lyft ride before you hop out.

Ride share users may be the target of fraud. It's called vomit fraud. A Los Angeles woman claims that she was billed 100-bucks by a Lyft driver to clean the backseat of his car, saying she lost her lunch on a recent ride.

She says that her and her husband had an uneventful, quiet ride home from a friend's house but the next day, she got the bill. The woman says she tried contacting Lyft repeatedly saying the driver was stealing the money and she never threw up.

They didn’t listen, but finally the money was refunded after a local TV station got involved.

Riders beware!

Source:ABC Los Angeles

Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer in Blood With Astonishing Accuracy: Study

As if we needed another reason to call dogs “man’s best friend.”

A new study presented this week at the 2019 Experimental Biology conference in Orlando, Fla., reveals that blood-sniffing dogs may become the latest frontier in cancer detection. Thanks to their unfathomably keen sense of smell — which is 10,000 times more accurate than a human’s — dogs in the lab were able to pick-out blood samples from cancer patients with 97 percent accuracy.

The results could lead to canine detection as a low-cost, non-invasive approach to cancer screening and perhaps other diseases, says Heather Junqueira, lead researcher on the study.

“Although there is currently no cure for cancer, early detection offers the best hope of survival,” Junqueria says. “A highly sensitive test for detecting cancer could potentially save thousands of lives and change the way the disease is treated.”

Janqueira and her team taught four beagles to distinguish between healthy blood samples and those from patients with malignant lung cancer. While one beagle named Snuggles was not interested in playing doctor, the other three dogs were able to identify cancerous samples 96.7 percent of the time.

BioScentDx, the lab where the study was performed, are currently testing whether the dogs can smell cancer in the breath of breast cancer patients. Researchers also plan to isolate the chemical compounds in samples and find out exactly where the odor originates.


Mars Wrigley Offering Candy-Tasting Paid Internship

Mars Wrigley Confectionery announced it is offering a paid internship for someone willing to taste test new candy flavors in Chicago.

The candy maker, which offered a similar "World's Sweetest Internship" position last year, said this year's winning candidate will also be responsible for organizing public events and activities on behalf of the company.

The 8-12 week Chicago-based internship, which the company says will be "fully paid," carries duties including taste testing new candy flavors, creating a personalized chewing gum flavor, visiting various Mars Wrigley facilities across the county and documenting their experience with the company on social media.

The benefits include "a signing bonus of one year's worth of candy."

The company said an ideal candidate should be at least 21 years old, be "someone who isn't afraid to ring every doorbell in every neighborhood on Halloween," be "passionate" about the city of Chicago and "prove they can keep a potted peppermint plant alive for at least eight weeks."


Time To Shave Your Beard and Cut Off Your Man Bun: Study Says Primates With Long Showy Hair Have Smaller Balls!

According to a new study, the “showy” facial hair of primates — including humans — may also be a sign of small balls. The study, “Sexual ornaments but not weapons trade off against testes size in primates,” published this month in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, compares beards to other signs of virility in primates, including large noses, hair capes and red chest patches for respective species. Hair is considered an “ornament” — an outward display of masculinity — and testes a “weapon,” a way to actually sexually compete with other males in the species by reproduction.

  • Is your long hair and beard there just to compensate for other shortcomings?




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