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Social Security Won't Pay Full Benefits By 2035

There’s a reason some people refer to Social Security as “so so” security: officials have confirmed that tens of millions of Americans will only get about 80% of their social security benefits by 2035.

The annual trustees report released projects the program will be spending more than it's bringing in by 2020 and trust funds will be tapped out by 2035. As in, all that money coming out of your check? It’s gone…you’re not likely to be getting it back.

As such, trustees are urging Congress to take action to reverse the shortfall and guarantee Americans will get their full benefits. The House has already held hearings on social security reform and one bill has gained support from more than 200 lawmakers.

Source:The Hill

Taxi driver, genetic counselor, more: The worst and best jobs in America, ranked

While most folks hate the grind -- why else would it be called a grind? -- there are definitely some jobs are worse than others.

The jobs website CareerCast has ranked 220 jobs, and found the25 worst ones, based on criteria including stress level, job security, and salary, among others.

Here are the Top 10 worst jobs in the U.S. according to their list:

1.Taxi driver- This job has the negative trifecta: low pay -- often under $30K a year -- coupled with high stress, and an "undesirable work environment," making it the tops of the worst, on CareerCast's list. Competition from Uber and Lyft are also devastating taxi drivers' bottom lines.

2.Logger- The second most dangerous gig in the U.S., coupled with low pay and employee replacement by machines, makes logging the second-worst career in the country.

3.Newspaper reporter- Gone are the days when this was a glamorous gig. Low readership and salaries, coupled with the stress of deadlines, negative feedback from readers, and declining job security are all to blame for the low rank.

4.Retail salesperson- Between low salaries, dealing with customers, and the physical toll of the job, this gig ended up near the top of the "worst jobs" list.

5.Enlisted military- Involves high risk, time away from family, and low pay: Many enlisted personnel make under $30K a year.

6.Corrections officer- Declining budgets for prisons nationwide, coupled with risk, and low pay, marred this job.

7.Disc jockey- Once a coveted gig, DJ jobs are now notorious for job insecurity, thanks to streaming services and podcasting. Low pay is another factor.

8.Broadcaster- Single-digit job growth projection, coupled with salaries that top out at around $40 grand.

9.Advertising salesperson- TheMad Mendays are over: Wages top out at around $51K, and declining job growth lands this job in the top 10 of worst jobs.

10. Interior/exterior painter- A sub-$40K salary coupled with physical demands.

Things aren't all bad, however. Topping the list of theBest Jobswere these 10, which combine a high salary and good working environment with job security:

1.Genetic Counselor- Median Salary - $74,120

2. Mathematician- Median Salary - $81,950

3.University Professor- Median Salary - $75,430

4.Occupational Therapist- Median Salary - $81,910

5.Statistician- Median Salary - $84,060

6.Medical Services Manager- Median Salary - $96,540

7. Data Scientist- Median Salary - $111,840

8.Information Security Analyst- Median Salary - $92,600

9.Operations Research Analyst- Median Salary - $79,200

10.Actuary- Median Salary - $100,610

New Viral Challenge Involves Bleach And Your Eyes

TikTok is one of the most popular smartphone apps worldwide, especially among teenagers. However, it's also been known to encourage some really bad ideas. Earlier this week, The app was banned by the Indian Supreme Court after a 19-year-old shot and killed his friend while filming a TikTok video.

This new viral challenge asks users to grab “jelly, hand sanitizer, bleach, and shaving cream,” put it in a plastic Ziploc bag and then hold that bag against your eye for at least a minute. Users claim that this will change the color of a single eye, optically. Putting a chlorine-based chemical like bleach near your eye can potentially lead to skin and eye damage, as well as vision loss, if the bag ruptures and that's what has people uneasy about the challenge. 

One teenager posted her video online and it got thousands and thousands of views and likes. In the video, she is holding the bag of chemicals near her eye and when she removes it, her eye is a different color. What people don't realize is that she is simply using the editing software that comes with the app to give that illusion. 

The danger is that some people watching this might not be smart enough to realize that what she is doing has nothing to do with the bag or the chemicals. 

Source: Newsweek

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Jeans

Jeans are the one thing we wear that actually deserves the title of wardrobe staple. Finding the perfect pair isn’t easy, so when we do, we’d like to help make sure they last for a while so we get plenty of wears out of them. The good news is that increasing the lifespan of our jeans doesn’t take much effort at all and will lighten our laundry loads, too. Just follow these tips and you may never have to say goodbye to your favorite jeans again.

  • Avoid washing them as much as possible- Levi’s CEOChip Berghmade headlines back in 2014 when he admitted he’s never washed the jeans he was wearing. It may sound slightly gross, but it turns out, we’re all washing our jeans way more than we need to. Denim is a durable fabric and instead of weekly tumbles in the washer, try spot treating stains instead. According to Levi’s, we should actually only fully wash our jeansaround once a month!
  • When you do have to wash, do it the right way- Some die-hard denim fans won’t even put their jeans in the washing machine, but for the rest of us, try turning them inside out before washing and be sure to use cold water to help them avoid shrinking and fading.
  • Say goodbye to tumble dryers- Levi’s advises skipping the dryer and hanging your jeans up to dry instead.
  • Never fold them- Most of us are guilty of this one, but folding jeans is a no-no. So is hanging them from the metal clips on trouser hangers, which can indent the fabric. The proper way to hang jeans is from an S hook, which can be attached to the two outer belt loops, to keep your pair looking brand new.
  • Don't ignore the tailor- If you see a small rip or a hole forming in your favorite pair, take them to the tailor to be repaired ASAP.
  • What about sticking your jeans in the freezer?- If you’ve heard that the way to keep your denim fresh between washes is by sticking them in your freezer, don’t bother. It turns out, that’s just an old wives tale, and according to Bergh, “It does not work.”




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