Hannah's Headlines - 4/25/2019


Walgreens, Rite Aid Raise Tobacco-Buying Age To 21

Two of the nation's biggest drugstore chains are raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21 later this year.

Walgreens announced on Tuesday that beginning September 1st, it would only sell tobacco products to customers age 21 or over. The move comes two months after the FDA put the company 'on notice' for allegedly selling tobacco to minors.

Shortly after Walgreens' announcement, Rite Aid followed suit, saying it would raise the tobacco age to 21 in the next 90 days.

A number of states have already raised the legal tobacco age to 21 and Senate leader Mitch McConnell plans to introduce a bill to raise it nationwide.

All Kohl's Stores Will Now Accept Amazon Returns

Starting this summer, you can take back those impulse items you really didn't want from Amazon to your neighborhood Kohl's.

Some Kohl's stores already take Amazon returns but starting this July, all locations will be able to ship back your purchase. 

You'll be able to bring eligible Amazon items to Kohl's without a box or packaging and your account will be credited.

Kohl's hopes this will lure more customers into their stores.

Woman Emerges From Coma After Nearly 30 Years: Report

The woman went into a coma after the car in which she was riding collided with a bus in the United Arab Emirates in 1991, when she was 32 years old.

She didn’t regain consciousness until 2018, in a hospital room in Germany.

This week her story was reported by the National, an Emirati news outlet.

According to the report, Munira Abdulla had just picked up her 4-year-old son from school when the accident occurred. She was in the back seat with the boy while her brother-in-law was driving.

“When she saw the crash coming she hugged me to protect me from the blow,” said her son, Omar Webair, 32, who walked away from the crash unharmed.

The mother would not see her son again for 27 years.

“I never gave up on her because I always had a feeling that one day she will wake up,” he said. He grew devoted to his mother, walking to her hospital room and sitting with her for hours at a time. Year after year.

Ms. Abdulla continues to undergo medical treatment in Abu Dhabi.

“I shared her story to tell people not to lose hope on their loved ones,” Webair said.


Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate Are The First Permanent Flavor In Nearly A Decade

There's a chance that this isn't the first you've heard of this new Kit Kat Duos bar, which made a few rounds on Instagram when images of it leaked. Now, though, the flavor launch has been confirmed, along with the delicious details: per Kit Kat, it will feature "mint crème on the top and dark chocolate on the bottom surrounding a light and crispy wafer."

If you are a true Kit Kat stan, you'll know that although this may be the first new flavor shakeup in nearly a decade, there are all kinds of Kit Kat flavors that have been launched internationally. Notably, the iconic "millennial pink Kit Kat" made its way through Japan and South Korea in January 2018; a "cake-stuffed" Kit Kat hit Japan in 2017; and heck, the U.S. got limited edition Red Velvet Kit Kats for Valentine's Day this year. So while we have technically always had a lot of delicious Kit Kat options at our disposal, this time we can all rest assured knowing this new flavor isn't going anywhere, and won't cost us an arm and a leg to ship over on eBay. We may be waiting a long time for them to come out, but don't worry, y'all — it was all mint to be.

  • Have you tried the minty Kit Kat?
  • What are your classic favorite candy bars that did a sort of shake up that was delicious? Or was it terrible?
  • What flavors would you like to see emerge in the future?


The best part of waking up: Study says just the smell of coffee can get you focused

According to anew study, there's actually some scientific basis for those old which showed people perking up when they got a whiff of coffee brewing.

Psychology and business researchers at Toronto University in Canada and Monash University in Australia have discovered that the smell of coffee provides a placebo effect that causes spikes in "ambition, focus, and arousal" -- even before you get the stuff in your gullet. 

That's not sexual arousal, mind you -- just general alertness.

"As long as individuals see a connection between coffee and arousal, whatever its origin may be, mere exposure to coffee-related cues might trigger arousal in and of themselves, without ingesting any form of caffeine," says co-authorDr. Eugene Chan, senior lecturer in marketing at the Monash Business School, in a statement.

"This is because the brains of habitual coffee consumers are conditioned to respond to coffee in certain ways, as per the prominent Pavlov’s dog theory," Chan adds.

"So walking past your favorite café, smelling the odors of coffee grounds, or even witnessing coffee-related cues in the form of advertising can trigger the chemical receptors in our body enough for us to obtain the same arousal sensations without consumption."



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