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Dentists Warn Kombucha Is As Bad For Teeth As Soda

Kombucha - the trendy drink everyone loves for its health benefits is apparently not so good for one part of your body. Dentists are warning that the fermented, effervescent beverage is basically rotting your teeth at pretty much the same rate as sugary sodas.

While some dentists have been trying to tell us this for years, now one dentist is getting attention for raising his concerns.Dr. Larry Molenda shared up his worries about “everyone’s favorite fizzy mold tea,” recently, explaining that the high acidity of kombucha is bad for the enamel on your teeth.

He also says that because it has to have a pH level below 3.5 to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the drink, it’s really harsh on your teeth’s protective barrier. To compare, Dr. Molenda points out that the average pH of water is seven - neutral, while tea is a six - slightly more acidic, and vinegar is a two - very acidic.

But you don’t have to cut kombucha out of your life for good, you can still sip on it to get those health benefits, just follow these dentist-approved tips to minimize the risks.

  • Neutralize the acid levels in your mouth- Drink it with foods that have lower acidity or just swish with water when you’re finished drinking the kombucha.
  • Find one with less sugar- Go for the health benefits, not the flavor.
  • Drink it quickly- Having it in your mouth less means you’ll be able to restore pH levels in your mouth to neutral faster.


*LIST* The Best Places To Live or The Weather

There are a lot of things to consider when picking a place to live, and the weather is certainly something that can play a big role in whether you enjoy the city you call home. There’s no doubt the weather in certain cities is better than others, and now a new report reveals the best places to live if not being too hot or too cold is important to you.

“U.S. News & World Report” looked at 125 metropolitan areas in their Best Places to Live rankings, to reveal the Best Places to Live Based on the Weather alone, with areas with the fewest cloudy days and the most balanced temps making the list.

Topping the list is Santa Barbara, California. The city has about 79 cloudy days a year, with only about three days a year hitting above 90, and only six going below freezing. Basically, living in California is a pretty safe bet if weather is important to you, with six of the Top Ten cities all in California. 

Top Ten Cities To Live In Based On The Weather

1. Santa Barbara, CA

2. Salinas, CA

3. San Diego, CA

4. San Francisco, CA (tie)

4. San Jose, CA (tie)

6. Honolulu, HI

7. Los Angeles, CA

8. Oklahoma City, OK

9. Tulsa, OK

10. Atlanta, GA

Source:US News & World Report

Study says missing just 16 minutes of sleep can ruin your day at work

While most of us soldier on without therecommendedseven to eight hours of sleep, a new study shows just how little you have to miss to mess up your workday.

A study, conducted at the University of South Florida and published in the journalSleep Heathnotes that missing just 16 minutes of the amount of sleep you're used to getting can cause a spike in stress levels, a lack of focus, and lapses in judgement.

The study notes that going to bed 16 minutes later than usual -- say, to finish binging that TV series -- or waking up 19 minutes earlier in an attempt to make an appointment -- affects you more than previously thought.

As it is, a third of all Americans don't get the recommended amount of Zs, according to government statistics, and that puts us all at risk for obesity, heart disease, and other health problems.

Cops Pull Over People Watching TV While Driving:

Apparently Minnesota police have an issue with people watching tv shows while they're driving.Last week, two different cops in Minnesota pulled people over for watching TV on their phones while they drove. An officer in Blaine, Minnesota pulled over a 32-year-old woman for watching "Parks and Recreation" on her phone while she was driving and then a state trooper in Minnesota pulled over a guy for watching "Law and Order" on his phone while he was driving. In an effort to combat distracted driving, Minnesota’s governor this month signed a bill barring motorists from holding a cell phone in their hand or using the device for video calling, video live-streaming, Snapchat, gaming, examining photos or videos, texting, and typing. They both got citations for distracted driving.

Get paid to sleep at work as a Mattress Firm 'snoozetern'

Mattress Firm wants to pay people to sleep on the job. The company is looking to hire what it calls "snoozeterns" that will give them feedback into their mattresses and pillows.

The lucky "snoozeterns" will be required to post about their sleep experiences on social media.

The company explains on its official website, "You'll test the optimal head and foot positions on our selection of adjustable bases for Netflix binging, Instagram stalking *ahem* posting, reading, typing, eating…really anything that would be better in bed."

Other responsibilities include, creating regular video content about your Snoozetern experience, hosting Facebook Live events to share your favorite products, and interviewing Mattress Firm employees to get sleep tips and tricks from the best, and sharing those tips through video and blog content.

All "snoozeterns" will be expected to work 30 hours per week and the pay will be "competitive with an option to earn academic credit for their university."

If you're over 18 and an expert at napping, regardless of time of day then you canapply here before the May 3rd deadline.



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