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The CDC Really Wants You To Stop Washing Raw Chicken

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are out there trying to keep the public safe and healthy and for some reason, people don’t want to trust them. The CDC recentlytweeteda helpful hint about handling raw chicken and it has divided the Internet.

They posted: “Don’t wash your raw chicken! Washing can spread germs from the chicken to other food or utensils in the kitchen.” It sounds like useful information, but since many, many people grew up watching their parents and grandparents giving chicken breasts a good scrub before putting them in the pan, they don’t want to believe the CDC’s warning.

The CDC estimates that a million people get sick from food poisoning from poultry every year and running lukewarm tap water over raw chicken isn’t going to help stop the spread of the bacteria that it can carry. But it could spread that bacteria all over your sink, counters, and hands, which can contaminate other foods that you eat raw, because it’s the cooking that kills germs - the washing only spreads them.

But the Twitterverse wasn’t hearing the CDC’s warning. Some users said they’ve always washed raw chicken and they’re not about to stop now. One asked, “So we’re supposed to just “cook off” all that gunk from it sitting … for God knows how long?” Another tweeted, “Anyone who does not wash their chicken is just nasty.” Thankfully, at least one Twitter user gets it and was the voice of reason, tweeting, “The CDC wrote this. These are the people that handle Ebola but folks can’t trust their folks on handling poultry?”

Source:Scary Mommy

Crocs Now Come With Fanny Packs

Just when you thought Crocs couldn’t get any uglier, the shoe company found a way to make it happen. In proof that the ugly shoe trend is still going strong, Crocs has added another streetwear staple to the shoe’s strap: a fanny pack. Yes, Crocs with fanny packs on each shoe are now a thing and apparently it’s fashionable.

Crocs has partnered with cult-favorite Japanese brand Beams for the footwear collab.

The Fanny Pack Crocseach come with a mini Beams fanny pack on the strap, which can be moved from the back to the front of the shoe. They come in two color combos: Ultraviolet and Tropical Teal and each pair sells for $53.

We’ve seen Crocs coming down the runways of major fashion shows in recent years, so some may even call them fashion forward. We’re not so sure about all that, but at least these come with a handy tiny fanny pack that could store small items, like your key or a lip balm. And these Crocs are just ugly-chic enough that we’ll be seeing them make the rounds at this summer’s music festivals.

Source:Women's Health

Want to be a better boss? Study says get off your email

This might not be a surprise to most modern employees, but a study has just proven that having to answer a flood of emails stops your "real" work in its tracks.

According to researchers from Michigan State University, in astudypublished in theJournal of Applied Psychology, while some may see email as making them more productive, the opposite is likely true -- particularly for managers. 

The scientists tracked dozens of managers, and logged what they got accomplished throughout the day; the scientists found that having to stop what they're doing and answer emails actually makes them get less done, and makes them worse leaders for their subordinates. 

MSU management professorRussell Johnsonwas the lead researcher for the study. He puts it plainly in apress release: Like most tools, email is useful but it can become disruptive and even damaging if used excessively or inappropriately. When managers are the ones trying to recover from email interruptions, they fail to meet their goals, they neglect manager-responsibilities and their subordinates don't have the leadership behavior they need to thrive."

So if you're not a boss -- but need something from yours -- maybe ask him or her in person.

Movie Star Salaries Revealed

Netflix may be a handy way for you to chill, but it’s also a way for your favorite stars to get paid. For instance, whileWill Smith might not get much for doing “Bad Boys for Life” withMartin Lawrence, he’s set to make a cool $35-million from the streaming service for his work on “Bright 2.” 

The reason for Netflix shelling out the big bucks has to do with the fact that stars can only get a flat fee. For traditional movies, they can get an initial salary and a percentage of what the film makes. 

With that being said, here’s a look at what some your favorites are making this year: 

  • Ryan Reynolds– $27-million for “Six Underground”
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson– $20-million for “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”
  • Robert Downey Jr.– $20-million for “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle”
  • Will Smith– $17-million for “Bad Boys for Life”
  • Jason Statham– $13-million for “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”
  • Tom Cruise– $12- to 14-million for “Top Gun: Maverick”
  • Emily Blunt– $12- to 13-million for “A Quiet Place 2”
  • Brad Pitt– $10-million for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
  • Gal Gadot– $10-million for “Wonder Woman 1984”
  • Leonardo DiCaprio– $10-million for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
  • Margot Robbie– $9- to 10-million for “Birds of Prey”
  • Idris Elba– $8-million for “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”
  • Ben Affleck– $8-million for “Triple Frontier”
  • Kristen Stewart– $7-million for “Charlie’s Angels”
  • Martin Lawrence– $6-million for “Bad Boys for Life”
  • Joaquin Phoenix– $4.5-million for “Joker”
  • Jessica Chastain– $2.5-million for “It: Chapter 2”


Church You Can Smoke Weed At Has Almost 6000 People Join In It's First Month

A Wisconsin church, that found a loophole in the law that would allow them and their practitioners to smoke weed during service, has been hit with a cease and desist letter. 

The Lion of Judah House of Rastafari founderJesse Schworck, said about 6,000 people have rolled up to the church to become members. However, things are starting to go up in smoke after the city attorney's office looked into the church's practices.  

The church believes the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects them and allows them to use marijuana as part of their religious practice

"They are claiming to be a church," said Assistant City AttorneyJennifer Zilavy. "I have not seen any documentation or anything that supports they are, in fact, a church. Even if they are a church, marijuana is illegal in this state. You can't sell it. It can't just be 24/7 and you can smoke weed and that's our religion."

Police showed up to the church and served the cease and desist letter while confiscating jars of marijuana. No arrests have been made. 

Source: Channel 3000

Germiest Things In Your Doctor’s Office…DON’T TOUCH!

Earlier this month, a University of Michigan study found antibiotic-resistant superbugs on the nostrils and hands of 14 percent of patients in two Michigan hospitals, and bacteria on about a third of objects commonly used by patients, such as the nurse call button.

Meanwhile, more than half of all confirmed US cases of the drug-resistant, potentially lethal fungus Candida auris were reported in New York and New Jersey hospitals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here are five other hot zones to be vigilant about when you see your doc.

The stethoscope

One of the doctor’s most ubiquitous tools, the stethoscope is also one of the most treacherous. The bell — that circular part applied to a patient’s skin — can’t help but pick up germs. “Most doctors are sensitive to that issue and wipe it down,” says Wahrman, acknowledging that the cleanup can be inconsistent or fall through the cracks altogether. “To protect yourself, it’s a good idea to not be timid and to remind the doctor to clean it.

The waiting-room chair

The armrests on the chairs and couches at your doctor’s office are likely rife with germs. Considering that other patients may have highly contagious diseases, such as conjunctivitis or the flu, a simple precaution will help. After sitting, “Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before putting your hands to your mouth, nose or eyes,” says Wahrman. “Be germ aware.”

Toys in a pediatrician’s office

It’s tough to keep kids away from the germ-covered Legos, but some pediatricians have found a solution: Segregated toys. “The sick kids play with one set of toys and the healthy kids with another,” says Wahrman. “The sick kids get each other’s germs, but at least the healthy kids stay healthy.”

If you’re concerned, it can’t hurt to ask the front desk how often they clean their toys and what they use to wipe them down — or simply reach for the sanitizer after playtime.

The door handles

No door handle will be germ-free. But the one leading in and out of your doctor’s office will be extra germy, and you should be doubly wary of the one you touch when you exit the bathroom (especially where patients are giving urine samples).

“I keep tissues in my pocket,” says Wahrman, explaining that putting one between your skin and the door will keep other patients’ germs off your hands. Taking this precaution yourself helps you protect everyone else in the waiting room. “If you’re sick, using a tissue would be helpful and considerate.”

Clipboards and pens

Signing into the doctor’s office is such a common tradition that we rarely think about it. Too bad, because the doctor’s pen is a germy cesspool. Wahrman always has her own pen on hand. In the case of the smart-pads used by tech-forward docs, she makes sure “to wash [her] hands or apply Purell right after using [the stylus].” For extra caution, you can always opt for a tissue between skin and stylus.


Feds In Minneapolis Are Going After Fake Barbie Dolls- The feds in Minneapolis are handling a very unusual case.

They are seeking an arrest warrant from a court to destroy 22-thousand fake Barbie dolls intended for distribution to Dollar Tree stores in the United States. The toys were shipped by a Hong Kong exporter and seized in October 2017 from a freight train at the Canadian border.

The feds allege in its civil filing that the defendant CEO Barbie dolls and their packaging violated federal copyright, trademark and other protections.

Source:Star Tribune



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