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Instagram To Test Hiding the Number of ‘Likes’ on Posts

During Facebook’s annual F8 software developer conference in San Jose, California, today, Instagram’s top executive Adam Mosseri explained that the photo-sharing service is going to start a test later this week that hides the number of likes on each post from other users. The goal, he explained, is to make Instagram feel less “like a competition.” The testing is going to happen in Canada ahead of presumably a wider rollout, depending on how it’s received there. As part of the test, should you happen to be among the participants, users scrolling through your feed would see only your posts and no indication of many users “liked” them. And while only you would still see who all clicked like on your posts, you wouldn’t see the actual number. You’d have to add up all the likes.

  • Do you think taking away the number of likes on a post is a good or bad idea? Will it improve or hurt your self-esteem?
  • On a scale from 1-10, how important are Instagram likes to you?

Study: This Is How Many Texts You Can Send Before “Looking Clingy”

Waiting to hear back from a partner, friend with benefits, or even a date who doesn’t respond to your text right away can be painful, especially if you let your imagination run wild. But rather than wait around, some people are totally fine with double-texting their S.O. and some even triple-text when they’re feeling frisky. But how many texts can you send before seeming needy?

Typing.com asked 1,000 people about their digital communication habits in their romantic relationships and got the answer for us intheir survey. Apparently, after sending a certain number of texts in a row, it does come off as “clingy” or “needy,” and that magic number? Six. That was the answer across the board in the survey. Couples in long-distance relationships, those not in them, both men and women, as well as couples who live together all agree that six consecutive texts hits the mark.

Other juicy tidbits from the survey include texting preferences by gender. As far as “good morning” and “good night” texts go, 42.5% of men and 51.2% of women say they’re important. When it comes to the length of texts, more women prefer their partner sends paragraph-length messages, but on the flip side, men tend to prefer fragment statements across multiple texts.

And finally, it seems some couples have established rules about how long it should take one partner to get back to the other. Men gave a maximum of 3.8-hours for their partner to reply and for the ladies, the average was five hours max.

Source:Elite Daily

Sunday Is Cinco De Mayo! Here’s Where To Find Freebies And Deals

This Sunday is May 5th, or Cinco de Mayo and if you want to celebrate with a taco or margarita, you’re not alone. Lots of your favorite restaurants are offering specials and deals for the holiday and here’s where you can find them.

  • Abuelo’s- Come in for $5 Grande Mexican Draft Beer and a $6.95 Flag Margarita Sunday.
  • Bahama Breeze- They’re serving up $5 classic margaritas and $10 Create Your Own Premium Tequila and Rum Flights and this deal lasts all month long.
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co- Get $1 tacos and $4 Corona Extras all day Sunday.
  • California Pizza Kitchen- Select locations are serving $5 Fresh Agave Lime Margaritas on Sunday.
  • Chili’s- The Tequila Trifecta, the Presidente Margarita, and draft beer are all $5 each on Cinco de Mayo.
  • Chipotle- They’re offeringfree DoorDash deliveryon orders over $10 Sunday.
  • Chuy's- It’s a three day party here! Fiesta Friday has $1 floaters, Sippin’ Saturday brings $ floaters and $1 off Perfect Margaritas, and Sunday has the Saturday deals plus $5 regular House Ritas, $8 Grande House Ritas and $5 queso or guac.
  • El Fenix- Score an eight-ounce margarita for $1 through Sunday.
  • El Pollo Loco- Friday through Sunday, they’re serving $5 Street Corn Tostadas and $5 five-piece Fire-Grilled Chicken, but you’ll needthese coupons.
  • On The Border- Cheers for $5 Cinco Ritas and shot specials starting at $3 on Sunday.
  • Taco John's- Now through Sunday, score five beef soft-shell tacos for $5.55.
  • Tijuana Flats- Get a taco and a beer for $5, two tacos for $5, or two beers for $5 from Friday through Sunday.
  • Uno Pizzeria & Grill- Coronas and Sauza Margaritas are just $2 through Sunday.

(Check out the full list of restaurant specials and discountshere.)

Source:USA Today

Study: 23-Percent Off Is How Much Of a Discount People Need To Avoid Shopping Guilty!

Ever feel guilty pulling out your credit card to make an essential purchase? You’re not alone — over half of Americans (51 percent) say they feel guilty about spending money, according to new research done by OnePoll on behalf of Slickdeals. 85 percent of respondents were found to report finding the weight of guilt lifted off their shoulders when the thing they’re buying is at a discounted price. That magic number? 23 percent off, according to the poll. The new study found that the top reason we feel guilty about buying something is because we later stumble upon the same thing at a better price (57 percent) — the second biggest was that there was probably something else that would’ve been a better use of our money.

  • How much of a discount do you need to not have shopper’s guilt? How many times a week do you get shopper’s guilt?


Poor Sense of Smell Could Mean You’re Going to Die Soon

Testing people’s sniffing power should become a regular part of a visit to the doctor, researchers have said. They have found that older people with a poor sense of smell are up to 50 percent more likely to die in the next 10 years. Their findings, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, show that, compared with older adults with a good sense of smell, those with poor nasal discernment were at a 46 per cent higher risk for death at 10 years and 30 percent at 13 years. Professor Honglei Chen, an epidemiologist who’s focused his research on the sensory deficit in older adults, said: ‘Poor sense of smell becomes more common as people age, and there’s a link to a higher risk for death. ‘Our study is the first to look at the potential reasons why it predicts a higher mortality.’


Americans Are Famous for Being BS Artists, but the ‘Overclaiming’ Champion is Actually ... Canada: Study

BS has been around for as long as humans have been around, but it’s been getting increased academic attention lately. And not just for laughs in the faculty lunch room. First-rate BSers, after all, can shake the economy and get elected to high public office. The researchers found that North America has significantly more BSers, on average, than the United Kingdom countries, Australia or New Zealand. And shockingly, the champion of BS is not the U.S. but Canada. “Our findings support the view that young men are, on average, bigger bull----ers than young women.” Here, again, North America stands apart. Teen girls from the U.S. and Canada are much more likely to be BSers than girls from the other countries.




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