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The Newest Trend In Bars? Not Serving Any Booze

Get ready for a new type of bar scene. One that includes absolutely no alcohol. That's the latest trend in some big cities around the world. Sobriety bars are opening up with the objective of delivering a fun night out without having any alcohol. 

Sober nightlife is taking off in New York City with a few of these pop-up sobriety bars opening up as well as locations in London. You won't find any bourbon or whiskey on the menu, just a bunch of drinks that have coconut milk and kombucha as ingredients.  

Studies show Americans are choosing to drink less and are looking for alternatives. Sales of non-alcoholic beer have been booming, and an entire industry of non-alcoholic spirits has developed over the past few years, so it only makes sense that these bars are starting to pop-up. You can expect more of them as well.

Source: Daily Beast 

Living: How Many Socks Do You Lose In The Wash A Year?

If it feels like you have more single socks than matching pairs, you’re in good company. According to a 2016 report from Samsung, the average person loses approximately 15 socks per year—that’s 1.3 socks per month, or 1,264 over a lifetime. And yet, where those missing socks end up is a complete mystery—until now, that is. Cathy Hinz, who’s a property manager with her husband in California, recently made a crack in the curious case of the suspiciously vanishing socks. In an article published on Bored Panda, Hinz revealed that her husband made a surprising discovery after removing the bottom front panel on a dryer: dozens of socks, pairs of underwear, and even a credit card.

  • How long do socks last for you? Do you have to buy new socks every season?


Over Half of Millennials Think They’ll Be Millionaires

Millennials may not be the most financially savvy compared to previous generations, but according to a recentTD Ameritrade study,more than half of millennials still believe we’ll be millionaires. This could be seen as dreaming big, but it can very well be reality(you just have to play smart).

If you take a look at theBrookings Institution report,you’ll notice that, “Median wealth among millennials in 2016 was lower than among similarly aged cohorts in any year from 1989 to 2007.” Things also went south after the 2008 recession, but we’re survivors! 

We entered the workforce at this horrible time, but we have an advantage of being smarter and working longer. But get this – we’re also more entrepreneurial than previous generations. While others relied on employer benefits to fund retirement, we’re more about the “gig economy.” We’ll take on a few different jobs that may not have the cushion from a 401k or insurance plan from an employer. A couple of tips for making our financial dreams come true:

  • Save For Retirement– If you begin saving $1,000 per month at 25, you can save about $2.3-million by the time you turn 67.Millionaire status! Cha Ching!
  • Invest In Stock– Dips in the marketplace should be seen as opportunities to buy cheap stock and gain more as the price increases(similarly, pay attention to penny stocks).

Source:The Economist

Clear Plastic Pants Newest Festival Trend

Everything old is new again, especially when it comes to music festivals. 

Clear, plastic fashions from decades past appear to be making a comeback and are the new style for the festival crowd. One of the world's leading festival fashion retailers, Pretty Little Thing’s, unveiled their latest line. The U.K. retailer recently unveiled a collection of transparent pants, skirts, crop tops, jackets and handbags in their Festival Shop, which social media had a field day commenting on. 

In particular, the brand’s Transparent Straight Leg Trouser raised eyebrows among many Twitter commenters. Available in standard and petite sizes, the $33 pants come in lime, hot pink, lilac, and white varieties, leaving little to the imagination.

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 ·Apr 28, 2019
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See-through plastic pants are now considered 'Pretty' https://trib.al/lcDr5cI
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Source: Fox News

Study: Red Wine, Coffee, Fruits And Veggies May Prevent Breast Cancer

Eating a diet filled with coffee, fruits, vegetables, and even red wine may help prevent breast cancer, according to a newstudyfrom Spain. Research from the University of Navarra and the University of Jaen finds that certain foods could help protect against the risk of post-menopausal breast cancer thanks to the phenolic acids they contain.

Those essential compounds are found in a range of plant-based foods, including whole grains, blueberries, raspberries, plums, citrus fruits, oats, and rice, and red wine, too.

Researchers followed more than 11-thousand women and their diets over 12 years and found those who ate the highest amounts of a type of phenolic acid had a 62% lower risk for cancer (compared to the women who ate less of the acids). Study authors say they’re not exactly shocked – as they’ve known that eating fruits and veggies can help lower the risk for breast cancer for some time. Eating well and maintaining a healthy weight, is key – but researchers say the findings back up the importance of adding healthy produce as much as possible. As for coffee and wine? Stick to moderation with those.




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