After 60-Year Search, Woman, 81, Finds Her 103-Year-Old Mom

An 81-year-old woman in Ireland has finally met her mother after searching for her for 60 years.Eileen Mackengrew up in an orphanage and never knew her birth mother, so she started trying to find her when she was 19. With no luck tracking her down, she reached out to an Irish TV station and with the help of a genealogist, she was able to locate her mom, who’s 103 and living in Scotland.

Macken said that “just to touch her would mean so much,” so she recently traveled to Scotland to see her mother face-to-face for the first time. She says her mom is “the most beautiful lady” and they had a “great chat” during her three-day trip.

“She was thrilled and she never let go of my hand,” Macken says of her mom. “I don’t think I’ll ever come down out of the clouds”


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