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*LIST* How To Start A Side Hustle

These days, having a side hustle is in. Let’s face it, if you can bring more money in and have fun doing something other than your main job, it’s awesome. Of course, there are some things to consider first.

Vistaprint wanted to see how many people are thinking of entering the side hustle trend so they did a survey and found 55-percent asked were thinking about it. If you’re one of them, there are three key things to consider first, if you truly want to be successful.

  • Find something flexible. You don’t want to compromise your main job or work so much that you burn out.
  • Choose something that’s already in demand. A perfect example is childcare. If you’re neighborhood is loaded with kids, get into babysitting!
  • Always be marketing yourself. Depending on what your side hustle is, use community events, a referral program, and using social media.

The bottom line? You can pull down 14-thousand dollars a year or more if your play it right.

Source:USA Today

Study says kids don't like beards

While beards are apparently so popular thatthey're killing the razor industry, a new study says your kid probably doesn't like yours.

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia showed pictures of bearded men to hundreds of children of various ages, and young childrenconsistently gave beards the thumbs-down.

Specifically, they seemed to feel that the facial hair was unattractive, and the dudes sporting it weren't trustworthy.

Interestingly, the beard bias went away as children get older. The also study showed, kids who have bearded dads tended to react better to the photos they were shown.

In general -- at least when it comes to adults evaluating beards -- facial hair has been associated with masculinity, strength, and other "dominance traits," which can positively affect "mate choices" for the opposite sex.

Fan Throws 96 Mph At In Game Radar Booth And Signs With A's

Talk about a story that is like something out of a movie. Two weeks agoNathan Patterson was at Coors Field to watch a Rockies game and turned heads by throwing 96 miles-per-hour at a speed pitch challenge.

His throws were posted on social media and the Oakland A's ended up seeing him throw the ball that fast. Patterson got the call this week from the Athletics after they saw the footage and signed him to a contract. It’s unclear where Patterson will start playing, or when but this isn't the first time the A's had seen him throw.

It turns out there’s been interest from the A’s for the last six months. Patterson began showing off his speed pitching abilities at a Triple-A Nashville Sounds game last August, which caught the attention of the A’s. In February the team reached out to discuss the possibility of signing Patterson and jumped on the chance when the newest video of him throwing 96 went viral.

"Words cannot describe this feeling, and I cannot thank everyone enough who has been part of this journey so far," Patterson wrote on Instagram. "My family has given me nothing but constant love and support throughout the last nine months as I pursue a dream of mine that I’ve had since I was a little kid."

Talk about a dream come true.

Christian Patterson@cpatterson_7
Guys, we were just chillin at a @rockies baseball game, and my brother decided to step into a speed pitch challenge...he hit 96 mph 😳@MLB Let’s get him signed!
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1:09 PM - Jul 15, 2019
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Netflix Creates a Co-Watching Contract for Couples

How many of you have gotten upset with your significant other after they watched an episode of show you agreed to watch together! Well, Netflix has you covered. 

The streaming service laid down some rules with a new “co-watching” contract for couples that must be signed before you start binge watching a new series. The five rules are: 

  • I won’t fall asleep
  • I won’t get distracted by my phone causing the other person to rewind because I missed something;
  • I won’t continue watching a show without the other person present;
  • I won’t talk whilst the show is on; In the event that I come across a spoiler,
  • I won’t share it with the other person. 

Now the agreement doesn’t mention what happens IF someone break the rules. We’re guessing that each couple chooses their own punishments.

Source:The Shade Room



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