Hannah's Headlines - 8/6/2019


People Are Being Kept Awake By Hedgehogs Having Sex

It seems that German police are busy during the summer answering complaints about noise. The noise being reported sounds a lot like people having very loud sex. Only it's not humans getting frisky, it's actually hedgehogs.

Police are frequently called out in the summer months to similar complaints about the noise. It reports that hedgehogs are among the loudest nocturnal animals, competing with cicadas, frogs and the caridean snapping shrimp. People often mistake hedgehogs mating with humans having really loud sex.

The hedgehog mating ritual is a lengthy affair, known in German as Igelkarussell, or hedgehog carrousel, and takes place over an area of around 500 square feet. Their most active period is between April and the beginning of September.

  • Hedgehog experts warn police not to bother them and that they won't so much mind if you sit quietly and watch. The Hedgehog populations have dropped dramatically in recent years and are under threat so if you come across one having sex, don't bother them. 

Source: The Guardian 

Study: THIS Is The Dirtiest Thing In Your Purse

Have you ever held your credit card between your lips as you fished around in your bag to find your wallet? If so, you may want to rethink this practice because new research reveals just how gross it really is. According to astudy by LendEDU, our credit and debit cards are actually the most bacteria-covered things in our purses. Yep, even dirtier than dollar bills, so you definitely don’t want that thing in your mouth.

So just how nasty are we talking? The dirtiest card LendEDU tested was filthier than a door handle at McDonald’s and a NYC subway pole. Researchers found the backsides of the cards were significantly germier than the front, which makes sense because that’s the part that touches more surfaces. The study gives credit and debit cards a germ score of 285, compared to cash at 160 and coins at 136. And for reference, a Penn Station public restroom has a germ score of 165, which is way less than credit cards.

So your plastic is probably disgusting, but it doesn’t need to stay that way. You can easily pull out all those cards and sanitize them. Give them a rub down with a cleaning wipe from time to time and you’re good to go.


Americans Prefer, And Are Planning, Solo Vacations

For most people, vacations mean spending time with a spouse, best friend or even family, but it seems more and more people are preferring to take their vacations alone these days.

In case you missed it, a new Expedia survey finds that 60% of travelers expect to take a solo vacation within the next two years. And the site has coined a new travel phrase, “mobilemoon,” since 33% of Americans say they’d prefer to just travel solo with their mobile phone than to bring a traveling companion.

So, why do folks prefer a solo vacation? Well, two-thirds of those polled say it’s about the freedom and the chance to meet new people. Not surprisingly, those in Gen Z (83%) and Millennials (80%) are the most likely to prefer solo travel, with only 40% of those polled identifying themselves as parents, although of that group, 82% would prefer to travel alone. 

These solo trips don’t necessarily need to be long, with 30% of solo travelers saying they enjoy a weekend getaway. As for what types of trips solo travelers are taking, 23% prefer an “Island Getaway,” followed by a “Foodie Trip” (16%) and “Event Travel,” like say to a concert or sporting event (14%). 


Five-Year-Old Boy Calls Police To Tell Them His Dad Ran Through A Red Light Twice

An unusual phone call for the German police of lower Franconian. A five-year-old boy called the emergency number at the end of last week with the report that his father had twice driven over the red light.

The Franconian police received the unusual “emergency call” on Friday. The 5-year-old caller did not agree with the traffic behavior of his dad and then informed the police.

The alleged emergency call was received in the afternoon at the headquarters of the police bureau under Franconia. After hearing a child’s voice on the phone for a short moment, it was immediately re-launched. The official at the emergency reception did not hesitate long, and called back the number immediately.

On the phone, the caller’s father reported himself and apologized for the behavior of his son. Shortly thereafter, he handed over the handset to his 5-year-old son, who subsequently reproached him that his Dad “drove twice over a red light and the police should, therefore, lock him up”. However, after good words of the official, the employee convinced the boy that his father should not be locked up.




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