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Rent This Candy-Themed Mansion On AirBnb

Not sure where to take your next vacation? We may have found the sweet spot you’re looking for in this candy-themed 8,000 square-foot mansion. Called the “Sweet Escape,” it’s an estate on five acres in Mount Dora, Florida, just a 45-minute drive from Disney.

But you won’t need to go there because this place is a mini theme park with 10 bedrooms, each with a sugar-related theme, including the Lolly Pop room, which has its own ball pit!But that’s not all.The Sweet Escape sports all the usual mansion amenities:

  • A movie theater,
  • an arcade,
  • a karaoke bar,
  • a mini-golf course,
  • aaaaaaaaand a $30-thousand-gallon pool shaped like an ice cream cone, complete with a whipped cream slide and a fountain that looks like a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup!

If you’re ready to treat yourself, you can book a stay here throughAirbnb, but you may want to bring some friends along - a LOT of them - because the sugary palace sleeps 52 people and costs $1,222 per night.


Expensive Avocados Have Some Restaurants Making Fake Guac

Avocado prices have soared sky-high in recent months because of the heat and that has led some Los Angeles restaurants to get creative with their guacamole. It seems some eateries are now making “mock-amole” with a blend of Calabacita, a Mexican squash that’s said to have a texture and taste similar to avocados - but they’re duping their customers into believing its the real thing.

So how does it compare? According toL.A. TacoeditorJavier Calbral, the dip has a “texture that is like a taqueria guacamole,” which is “looser and more salsa-like” rather than chunky style.

High temperatures have driven avocado prices up to almost twice what they were last year, around $66 a case.Carlos Thome,operations manager at El Tepeyac Cafe, says in previous years, prices have skyrocketed to $110 a case, forcing them to sometimes say they don’t have it, rather than make the mock guac. He admits he’s experimented with it for employees, but you won’t find it in their dining room. He says “it’s not gonna happen” in their restaurant.

Source:Fox News

Distiller who made vodka fromChernobyl water & grain gives it glowing reviews

There's a joke inScroogedin whichBill Murray's character thinks his visions of Christmas ghosts are hallucinations "from vodka poisoned by Chernobyl." But some entrepreneurs -- and scientists -- are looking to change that perception.

As any historian -- or HBO subscriber -- could tell you, the 1986 blast at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine was the worst disaster of its kind in history, turning the surrounding cities into ghost towns and, many believe, killing thousands whose deaths were never properly reported. 

But since then, the area has since been allowed to grow wild, and biologists have marveled at the how animals and plants have flourished in the so-called Exclusion Zone. Now, entrepreneurs are looking to that fertile area to create a new version of Russia's most famous export: vodka.

The Chernobyl Spirit Company created the aptly named Atomik vodka from the grain and water harvested near the deserted town of Pripyat, north of Ukraine's capital Kiev. 

The scientist who helped make it swears the stuff's totally safe to drink.

"This is no more radioactive than any other vodka,"Professor Jim Smithof the U.K.'s Portsmouth University tells the industry tradeThe Drinks Business.

Independent testing at the U.K.'s Southampton University proves it.

"Any chemist will tell you when you distill something, impurities stay in the waste product," Smith explained. "So we took rye that was slightly contaminated, and water from the Chernobyl aquifer, and we distilled it."

In short, the stuff doesn't make you glow -- but scientists hope itwillshed light to the area.

"We aim to make a high-value product to support economic development of areas outside the main Exclusion Zone, where radiation isn’t now a significant health risk," Smith explains.

This Is the Peak Age of Adventurousness, According to Research

Embracing new experiences, being spontaneous, and showing curiosity about other cultures number among the top signs you’re an adventurous person, according to new research. The study also showed that Americans spend $2,075.28 every year on “adventurous activities” and peak “adventurousness” occurs at age 34. These signs you’re adventurous come from a survey of 2,000 Americans, which found trying new foods and living in the moment also score high marks on the list. The new study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of wine region Rías Baixas Wines (pronounced Ree-as By-shuss,) also revealed that three in four Americans (76 percent) do consider themselves to be adventurous. The average respondent also tries six new foods a month, which, again, is just one shy of the adventurous person (seven), according to the results, and qualifying as an adventurous person also means having gone on at least six trips abroad.

Do You Do Chores Incorrectly On Purpose To Avoid Having To Do Them?

From pretending to be sick, doing a bad job on purpose, or inventing a work task, new research shows the majority of chore-doing Americans have given their partner one of these excuses to get out of doing housework according to a Yelp poll. Of those who do housework, two-thirds (67 percent) admitted that they and/or their partner have done a poor job in the hope of getting out of doing it again. Results found men were more likely than women to be guilty of making an effort to get out of their share of the chores (28 percent vs. 21 percent) – and men were also shown to be more willing to take extreme measures to avoid chores. Why 67% of Americans do chores incorrectly on purpose. Over a third (37 percent) of chore-doing respondents would be willing to give up alcohol forever if it meant they would never have to do housework again and a fifth would completely give up sex, with men more likely to do either.

  • What would you be willing to give up in your relationship to never have to do chores?




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