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Cops Mistake Bird Poop For Cocaine And Arrest Man: A college football quarterback was mistakenly arrested after being pulled over by police. Georgia Southern starting quarterbackShai Wertswasarrested and charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession after police believed that a white substance on his vehicle was cocaine. The police tested the white substance and they say it was positive for cocaine. Shai argued with police saying that it was just bird poop. Turns out, it was just bird poop. South Carolina prosecutors have since dropped all charges against him and said they will make sure to remove any indication that he was ever arrested so it will never show up that he has a criminal record.

Run for the border -- The Taco Bell Hotel is now open for business

As previously reported, in May, Taco Bell announced it was getting into the hotel business, and now the spicy fruit of its labor is officially here.

Reservations for The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort, located in tony Palm Springs, California, sold out in just two minutes when they went online in June.

The company tells ABC News that fans are traveling from 21 states across the U.S., "to finally check-in for a flavor-filled getaway" to a "unique hotel experience"

Those lucky guests can catch some rays -- or some "dive-in movies" -- while lounging the hot sauce packet-shaped floaties in the Fire! Pool, sip specialty cocktails like the Strawberry Sangria Baja Blast Pop, and get themselves looking sharp with "Cinnamon Twist Braids", "Baja Manis", and "Fire Fades" from the on-site salon.

Earlier today, Palm Springs city council members, local dignitaries and fans watched as a ceremonial ribbon made out of hot sauce packets was cut, officially marking the hotel as open for business.

It promises to be a Nachos Bel Grande old time.

Ever Wonder How Much The Average Date Cost In Your State? Well Just Click The Link Below:

Finding love comes at a cost, and people seem to be ready to open up their wallets. Single people spend the most on dating, compared to people in a relationship or married people, according to a 2018 poll of about 1,000 people conducted by GiftCards.com. They spend an average of $146 per month on dating. 24/7 Tempo constructed an index based on nine different measures related to dating expenses in all 50 states. The following list is ranked from most to least affordable states for dating based on the overall composite index value. The average cost of a date today -- consisting of two dinners, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets -- adds up to $102.57. Are you already thinking it’s better to stay single?

  • How much does the average date cost you?


Long Weekends Are Better Than A “Full Vacay”

Everyone looks forward to a nice vacay, but the work leading up to it is never fun.Think about it...when you’re going to the Bahamas for a week, you’ve got to work ahead and prep for ALL of those days. So why not just use one extra paid day off(instead of five),and tack that onto your weekend instead?

You only have to prep for three-daysinstead of seven.Doesn’t that already just ease your stress levels?Cornerstoneresearchers thinks so!

According to them, 87% of people prefer a longer weekend.

And in case you missed it, Labor Day weekend is right around the corner,take advantage!

Source:Business Insider

How To Be More Productive, According To “Ex-Lazy People”

If you can’t get up in the morning without hitting the snooze button several times and barely make it to work on time, sorry to tell you, but you may be lazy. Same goes if you’re a lifelong procrastinator. But apparently, there’s hope to turn it around. In aRedditthread, self-proclaimed “ex-lazy people” share the positive changes they made in their lives that helped them become more productive. Here’s what they suggest to boost productivity and be happier and healthier as a result.

  • Get into a routine and stick to it- Lots of former lazy folks say getting an early start is key and that you’re more likely to finish a task in the morning than later in the day. So even if you’re not an early bird, try to add some structure to your day, so it can work to your advantage.
  • Write to-do lists- Being organized and having a visual reminder to show you everything you need to do can help you get it done. Beyond just writing stuff down, put the easiest tasks that take the least effort at the top of your to-do list so you can feel the rush of the “quick win” when you check them off.
  • Change your diet- It’s hard to keep your energy levels up if you’re eating junk food and drinking too much alcohol in the evenings, so tweaking your eating habits to the healthier side can help you feel less sluggish. Meal prepping isn’t for the lazy, but it can help ensure you have healthy meals for the week, which could boost your energy.

Source:Men's Health



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