Hannah's Headlines - 7/29/2020

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Australian Couple Win the Lottery and Have a Baby in the Same Day

An Australian man said he is feeling lucky after winning a lottery jackpot of more than $70,000 and becoming a father on the same day.

The St. Leonards, New South Wales, man told The Lott he decided to buy a ticket for Monday's Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw because that was the same day his wife was expected to give birth.

"I actually bought the ticket because our baby was due and we were feeling lucky! Turns out we really were," the winner said.

The lottery ticket was a $71,610.15 top prize winner, and the man's wife gave birth to a healthy baby.

"We had a baby and a win all in one day," he said. "It was an incredible day all round."

The winner said the windfall "takes so much pressure off" his family.

"I can't wait to use this prize to look after our baby and his beautiful mother," he said. "We would love to put this prize towards getting a nice apartment."

Link:The Lott

99-Year-Old California Woman Becomes World's Oldest Pilot, Flight Instructor

A 99-year-old California woman broke two Guinness World Records when she piloted a plane and gave a flight lesson in the air.

Robina Asti was named the world's oldest flight instructor and active pilot after she gave her final flight lesson Sunday at NextGen Flight Academy at Riverside Municipal Airport.

"I love getting people to experience what it's like to lift off this Earth," Asti told KABC-TV. "It is so good."

Asti said she wanted to show that senior citizens are still capable of making valuable contributions.

The flight instructor took the world's oldest pilot record from an Iowa man who flew a plane at the age of 98.

Link:United Press International

We May Be Getting New Movies On Demand Faster- Get ready for movies to hop from the big screen to your TV a lot faster.

AMC Theaters has made a deal with Universal Pictures that films only need to run on the big screen for three weekends before going digital. Typically, theaters have exclusive rights for 90 days.

The two companies began sparring after Universal skipped that window and released a movies such as "Trolls World Tour" and "The Invisible Man" on demand.

Here’s the catch for movie fans. The films that hit On Demand would cost around $19.99 each. You can thank the COVID situation for the changing landscape of movie watching. More changes will come.


Study: Hedonism Is Key To Living A Happier Life

Hedonism is all about self-indulgence and it’s something a lot of us have become well acquainted with in quarantine. Anyone that’s been binge-watching Netflix and with their best buds Ben and Jerry for the past few months know exactly what I am talking about. And while you might think science would be against this type of short-term pleasure-seeking, you’d be wrong.

A new study has found people who take the time for hedonism are living happier lives and suffer less depression. Meaning all those people with things like“self-control”or“long-term goals”are really missing out. All that time you’ve spent bettering yourself and you could have been zoning out on Instagram instead.What a shame.

But don’t get it twisted, hedonism is harder than it looks. The research found that even when people added more time for pleasure, their moments of bliss got cut short by “real life” creeping in. Like hearing the email ding when you’re about to start your third hour of gaming. According to the research, the more you can block thought about work from your relaxing time the better. People who say they fully enjoy themselves have a higher sense of well-being and are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other long-term mental health conditions. So when you do take a break,really take a break.

Source:Study Finds

A Hack For Finding Perfect Jeans Without Trying Them On

Back in the days when we used to try on clothes in stores, there was nothing worse than trying on a pile of jeans to try to find the best fit and walking out empty-handed. But a woman says she’s discovered a hack to find the perfect pair without even having to try them on and she’s letting us in on it.Billie Newland’sviral TikTokvideoof how to do it may have made shopping for jeans a lot easier.

The 25-year-old says she discovered the hack while doing laundry and it involves using your forearm to find the ideal size without ever trying the jeans on. In her video, Newland says to measure the waistband using the length of your forearm from your elbow to your wrist. If your arm fits snugly inside the waistband, that’s your perfect pair.

To test her theory, Newland asked her dad, boyfriend and friends to try the hack out and they all confirm it works. It could also help you find the right fit for shorts or skirts, too. This video has more than 1.6-million views, which means a lot of people out there will now be able to avoid that dressing room.


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