Hannah's Headlines - 7/30/2020

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Study: What Makes A Good Relationship

Lots of singles are searching for their Mr. or Mrs. Right, but it may be less about who you’re with and more about the dynamic you have with them. A newstudyout this week looks at what makes relationships successful, analyzing information from more than 11-thousand couples that were tracked for an average of a year to figure out how to predict the quality of relationships.

What they found is that your own judgement of your relationship - as in how satisfied you feel your partner is or how appreciative you are of your partner - says more about the quality of your relationship than your personalities do.Samantha Joel,the study’s lead author, explains, “When it comes to a satisfying relationship, the partnership you build is more important than the partner you pick.”

The researchers point out that factors like your personality and whether or not you experience depression or anxiety could affect the quality of your relationship, they say building a relationship that you’re satisfied and secure with could outweigh those things. So what does this mean for your dating life? Try not to focus so much on whether someone checks all your boxes or is your type, instead pay attention to the dynamics of the relationship and how it makes you feel.


“Nightmare Before Christmas” Funko Advent Calendar & Game Coming:It’s never too early to prepare for Halloween… or Christmas? Funko has announced a “Nightmare Before Christmas” advent calendar and game set. For $40, you can get your hands on an advent calendar with 24 pocket-sized Funko Pop! Figures from theTim Burtonmovie. The calendar and board game aren’t available until September 30th, but you can pre-order themHEREandHERE.

Study: 1 In 6 Participating In Work Conference Calls From The Toilet

If you’ve been thinking the people in your work Zoom calls that use a background image are hiding something,you might be right. But what they’re hiding is worse than you imagined. It’s not a dirty house, and it’snotthat they’ve skipped off to quarantine on a tropical island. What they might be hiding is that they’re phoning in from the potty.

A new poll has found one in six people are actually taking the conference call from the bathroomand it’s even more common with our generation. That’s gross, but not all that surprising considering how much time we spend using technology there. The survey found:

  • a whopping 92% of folks take their mobile phone to the bathroom
  • 60% said it was for social media purposes,
  • ...while another 49% said it was for checking the news.Shocking right? Tough to believe 8% of people go in there with just their thoughts.

Not grossed out yet? This’ll fix that. The study also found one in 25 people have actually eaten food while sitting on the toilet. And interestingly, it’s more likely to be women than men.Dudes have always wondered what women were doing in there for so long and apparently, it’s a four-course meal.

  • Check out some more interesting bathroom behavior stats, including some not so great handwashing numbers,HERE.

Source:Study Finds

KFC And Crocs Have Teamed Up To Make Shoes That Smell Like Chicken

Some companies are just meant to partner up. It's hard to imagine a world where both Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs didn't collaborate. Well, we don't have to wait anymore.

It appears that Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs have collaborated to release a new set of Crocs that were not only painted to look like Kentucky Fried Chicken, but they were also scented to smell like it. Even more unbelievable, it took only 30 minutes for the KFC Crocs to sell out.

Originally released for $59.00, they are now already reselling on eBay for $500.00. And the bad news? KFC has already said they won't be making any more. Both the heeled Crocs and regular version have a fried chicken pattern and they also come with drumstick-scented Jibbitz charms.

Source: TODAY

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