How To Prime Your Brain For Breakthrough Ideas

We’ve all had a eureka moment or two in our lives. Those times when it feels like a thought hit you out of thin air, and for that brief moment you mind-melded with someone smarter or had superpowers. What if I told you that there was a way to get those more often?It may sound like a pitch for some “Limitless” type of pill, but no.Research has shown that there are ways to get your brain there easier. Here’s some tips:

  • Perfect Conditions.You can’t just sit and push out a galaxy-brain type of idea. Your brain needs to be in a relaxed and positive state. Essentially, if you’re thinking of the problem, you’re not going to come up with the solution. The eureka moment will hit when you’re in the shower rocking out to music and not when you’re pounding your head on the desk.
  • Identify And Protect Your “Golden Time” For Insight.It’s pretty common for people to experience sudden flashes of insight just before falling asleep, right after waking up, or while exercising. Figure out what your “golden time” for breakthrough ideas is and cherish it. Think of all the times you’ve had an “aha!” moment and try to recreate that formula whenever you need a big idea.
  • Build New Insight-friendly Habits.If your old eureka moment habits aren’t working, make new ones. Do more things that aren’t work-related and you’re bound to get better ideas of how to fix things at work.So really, our bosses should be giving us more vacation days so we can put our toes in the sand somewhere… aka “cultivate” more “big ideas.”

Source:Fast Company

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