Unconventional Productivity Tips For A Calm, Focused 2021

It’s okay if 2020 wasn’t a record year of productivity for you. Nobody, except maybe your boss, is going to give you any crap for being a bit distracted during a global health crisis. But if New Year’s has you optimistic about the next 365 days, and you’re ready to come back better, stronger, and happier than ever before, here are some tips to help you rebuild your focus and get back on track.

  • Develop An “Indifferent” Attitude To The Things You Can’t Change.“Control” was a word that got thrown around a lot last year and mostly in the context of us learning how little of it we had in some areas or how important focusing on the things we truly can control can be for our mental health. Take this lesson with you into 2021 and build on it. Take entrepreneur and writer Darius Foroux’sadviceto start journaling for self-reflection, building mental toughness, and staying grounded.
  • Deprioritize Tasks That Are Bringing You Stress Without Any Return.Prioritization is said to be the key to productivity, but you could make the case that deprioritization is even more important. Figuring out what task requires your focus the most is all well and good but learning to take something off your to-do list completely is where you’re going to free up some valuable brain space. This year, commit to setting limits on how long you’ll work on projects and consider doing a weekly review to reassess your priorities.
  • Create Hard Boundaries.It’s time to put your foot down and retake your schedule from never-ending emails and Zoom calls. Working from home in 2020 taught us that without boundaries, it’s easy to lose our work/life balance,and even lose track of what day it is.Make this the year that you finally start leaving work at work.

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Source:Fast Company