Science: Being Constantly Online Stresses You Out

Turns out working all day on a computer checking emails and then going home to sit down, relax, and scroll through Instagram isn’t the best thing for our mental health. You know that weird panic you feel like you always need to check your messages? They have a name for that now and also some research that shows the more time you spend online, the more stressed out you’ll be.

According to researchers, heavy web consumers form a habit called “online vigilance.” They constantly think about the online world, are always on their phone, have multiple tabs open, and need to instantly react to notifications. And while “online vigilance”sounds like the world’s lamest superhero, it’s something that’s seriously toxic.

The researchers found if you have a “permanently connected mindset” it can ruin your “cognitive capacity and result in more stressful experiences in daily life.” So even though you feel like you’re easing your stress levels by checking on your messages, it’s actually the opposite. The study also noted that the constant presence of a phone can make you ultra-sensitive to notification sounds and signals which leads to feelings of guilt or stress if you don’t respond quickly.So stop getting mad at people that aren’t responding to your texts. They’re the ones making a healthy decision.