Simple Tactics To Help You Cultivate Hope

For those that don’t remember, “hope” was a thing that we used to feel about the future way back in 2019 when we were young, wild, and standing within six feet of strangers.Good times.But in all seriousness, if you’re having trouble looking forward to things right now, let’s change that and make 2021 a year of positivity. Here are some strategies you can use to cultivate hope in these trying times.

  • Do Something and Start With Goals. Hopeful people don’t just sit around and wait for good things to come to them. They imagine and more importantly, they act. To be more like them, sit down and establish some clear, achievable goals for this year and make a detailed plan. And psychologist Eddie Tong says “hopeful people tend to think that desired goals are attainable even if personal resources are exhausted.”So your new word to live by is “persistence.”
  • Manage Your Attention. Psychologist Lucas Kelberer found optimists tend to seek out positive images and avoid negative ones. So basically if you want to feel hope again, it’s time to purge your social feeds of negative people and pages and start following more smiling and happy folks.Time to kick your doomscrolling habit once and for all.
  • Seek Community. Don’t Go It Alone.It’s a lesson we all learned the hard way last year but research shows hope is hard to sustain in isolation. Connection and relationships are at the heart of hope and they also provide the fuel to keep it going. So this year, double down on your efforts to reach out to people because they help remind us of why our struggles matter and help push us through them.

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Source:Fast Company