Goodwill Employee Lives Up To Company Name

Like most people I'm upset if I lose $5, but I can only imagine that this Texas couple was irate after losing a thousand times that.

A Goodwill worker in Texas saved the day after a couple was a little too generous with their donation by mistake. After realizing his wife had accidentally donated a jacket with a stack of cash in the pocket, a man returned to the store in a panic to see if they’d found it. Sadly, they hadn't and employees explained that they get hundreds of donations a day and they have to sort through it bag by bag, so it may take some time.

Rhonda Davis, manager of the Goodwill store in Hurst, told him they would do their best to find the money, but made no promises. It took a few weeks, in part because of the winter storms, but eventually employee Makayla Delapena found the $5000 in a bank envelope in the pocket.

The money was returned and Makayla has been recognized for her honesty with the Goodwill Medal of Integrity and an added bonus in her check.

I wonder what that bonus looks like or who would get to keep the cash had the owners not been looking for it. What are your thoughts?

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