The Most Popular March Madness Snacks Based On State

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March Madness kicks off this week, which means a lot of folks will be loading up on snacks as they watch hours and hours of college basketball. So, what will most people be snacking on? 

  • Well, new research from Shipt finds that folks love some classic chips during the game.
  • During last year’s college basketball season (before the coronavirus canceled the tournament) Shipt delivered 231,000 bags of Doritos, 136,000 boxes of Cheez-Its, 133,000 bags of Goldfish and 107,000 bags of Tostitos to fans.
  • And where folks live may affect their snacking preference.
  • For example, fans in Illinois and Indiana prefer Doritos. In fact, Shipt delivered more than 13,000 bags of Doritos in Indiana last year.
  • Fans in Texas prefer to chow down on Goldfish, with more than 32,000 bags delivered.
  • Fans in Oklahoma prefer Fritos, while West Virginians like their snacks sweet, with the most popular snack being Little Debbie’s products.
  • Ohio is also a Little Debbie’s fan, with their top snack little Debbie Nutty Bars.
  • And folks in Georgia also skip the chips, with Sabra Hummus their favorite game-day snack. 

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Source: Business Insider

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