Motorcyclist Captures Crash On Own Camera [WATCH]

He said he was chasing a reckless driver, but a motorcyclist would up capturing his own wreck on a Washington interstate, on video.

What's more, the crash itself was also captured on video by a trucker who was following behind, so we have two videos of the accident, from two perspectives..

The Olympian reports the accident took place Monday, Jan. 16, in the afternoon.  According to State Trooper Brooke Bova, motorcyclist, Seth Dieckman had been following the car, which had been driving erratically, and was speeding to catch up and record the car’s license plate number with his helmet-mounted GoPro camera.

But when the car slowed suddenly in traffic, Dieckman wasn't able to stop in time and slammed into the back of the car.  Amazingly, he wound up sitting on the car's rear spoiler, uninjured, screaming for the driver to stop the vehicle. 

The entire accident was captured on video by Dieckman's helmet cam.  Meanwhile, a truck driver following behind recorded the third-party perspective on his own video.

The car's driver, who wasn't identified, was later arrested for DUI, but a trooper on the scene determined the crash was Dieckman's fault. It is unclear if he'll face any charges. 

(Note the numerous expletives in the video, which have been censored.)



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