Hannah's Headlines- 1/27/2017


A Study Of Astronauts The Kelly Twins Shows Space Changes Our DNA

A groundbreaking study is showing how space changes the human body.

Early results of an unprecedented study seem to indicate that long-term space missions affect astronauts genetically.

Scientists studied identical twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly. Scott Kelly spent nearly a year in space before returning to Earth last March. His brother Mark, who remained on Earth, is the control subject in the test.

Early results observe Scott Kelly's genes and DNA showed changes that Mark Kelly's genes and DNA did not. The observed differences include the lengthening of Scott's chromosomes and even stomach bacteria changes.

Researchers, who say this is probably the most detailed molecular profiling ever, will closely study the Kelly twins for at least four more years. Source: Nature

Cellphones Are Poised To Help The Battle Against Cancer

Two experiments have resulted in the cellphone becoming a powerful tool in fighting cancer.

In the first, Patients may soon be able to use their cellphones to spot skin cancer. Stanford University researchers have taught an AI computer to identify cancerous moles and lesions. Using a Google tool, they put over 200-thousand photos of skin cancer into the computer. Then they put it up against 21 top-level dermatologists and found it could identify cancer as accurately as the doctors. The discovery could advance early detection.

In the second, a microscope that uses the camera on your cellphone, can detect a DNA sequencing that indicates colon cancer. The study, at Stockholm University in Sweden, shows that improvements need to be made, but the current version of the microscope/cellphone combination is more accurate than anticipated.Source: The Verge

Today is Chocolate Cake Day

January 27th is Chocolate Cake Day! In history, the Greek made their cake flat and heavy, and were occasionally served with nuts and honey. The Romans made cake similar to cheesecake, and used them as offering to the gods. In Medieval England, the words “bread” and “cake” were often interchangeable to refer to any dough made foods.

In the late 1920s, O. Duff was the first company to created boxed cake. In 1947, General Mills released Betty Crocker cake mixes that required people to “just add water.” Their flavors included Ginger, Spice, Yellow and White cake. In 1948, Pillsbury introduced the world to the first chocolate cake mix.

Chocolate cake is the most popular form of cake today, with a variety of types such as Black Forest, Devil’s Food, Fudge, German Chocolate, Lava and many more. Go away…I’m hungry.

Today is Thomas Crapper Day

January 27th is Thomas Crapper Day! Toilet lovers should be flushing with pride this morning, because today is Thomas Crapper Day! The unfortunately named Londoner founded Thomas Crapper and Co. in 1861 and popularized the modern, flushable toilet.

He did not, as is popularly believed, invent the flush. Instead, Crapper invented a new mechanism for filling water tanks, which he inexplicably named “the floating ballcock.”

Crapper’s crappers were widely known. He even received four Royal Warrants from British monarchs and installed toilets Westminster Abbey. So how should you celebrate Thomas Crapper Day? We’ll leave that up to you.

46 Words That Sound Dirty But Are Not 

Lots of words just sound…not quite G-rated. Here’s 46 for your snickering pleasure.


2.Kum and Go (convenience store chain in Midwestern U.S.)

3.Slider Sandwich

4.Cherry egger (type of rooster)

5.Soft Pink Three-Way (type of light bulb)

6.Many Fingered Fern (type of fern)

7.Dick Butkus

8.Dick Cheney

9.Dick Wolf (Law & Order producer)


11.Shaftsbury, VT

12.Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ


14.Full-service carwash

15.B.J. Thomas

16.Dick’s Sporting Goods

17.Seamen’s Furniture

18.Meat pack

19.Kai Ryssdal (Marketplace public radio host)

20.In-depth investigation

21.Large Hadron Collider


23.Self-licking stamps

24.Salad spinner

25.Rutger Hauer

26.Jack Reacher



29.Climax Blues Band

30.Oral hygeine



33.Drive shaft

34.Speonk (Long Island Railroad stop)

35.Teaser trailer

36.Jacking point

37.Jack Johnson




41.RIM corporation (maker of BlackBerry)


43.Sure-grip rubber


45.Rodney Crowell (singer/songwriter)

46.Coxsackie, NY



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