Breadcrumbing: New Term For Old Dating Tactic

These days it’s tough to keep up with all the new terms in the dating world, but one of the newest describes a very old habit: “breadcrumbing.” Not familiar? It’s the act of sending out a vague, flirty text to someone every so often, at random times, just to keep their hopes up that someday you two might actually date, even though you have no intention of really getting together.

So it’s a new name for something many of us have done, or had done to us. It’s all about keeping the false hope of dating alive. And it usually involves a brief, super casual text, along the lines of the oh so eloquent, “sup” or “what are you doing?” out of the blue, once or twice a year. No plans are made, the sender just wants to string the recipient along.

Breadcrumbing can also come in the form of the “creeper” – you know, the person who checks out your Instagram and Snapchat stories, and might throw you a “like” now and then, but they never even text. This person could also be an ex who just can’t let the past go all the way. Or someone who just wants to keep their options for the future open. Some people thrive on knowing someone out there is still sort of interested in them.

So what’s the best way to deal with breadcrumbing if it happens to you? If you’re ready to put an end to this kind of evasive communication, not responding at all sends a pretty clear message. Or you could always breadcrumb the breadcrumber with your own less enthusiastic message, if you want to string them along.


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