Hannah's headlines- 1/31/2017


Poll: We Want The Patriots To Lose

With all the divisiveness in the country, a new poll shows us one way we all agree.

A new Public Policy Polling survey has found that 53% are pulling for the Atlanta Falcons to win in Houston. Only 27% said they are rooting for the Patriots. Interestingly, when it comes to favorability, the Pats are at 43%. The Falcons have the edge with a 55% favorable view, compared to the 19 percent negative opinion.

In a twist, the face of the team, Tom Brady, is considered America's favorite quarterback, with 22% of the voting. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is second with 16% in the poll.

Overall, the New England patriots were dubbed the most hated team in America, which we are sure the number two Dallas Cowboys are fine with.Source: Sporting News

Hotel Rooms For Groundhog's Day Are More Expensive Than For The Super Bowl

While football fans anxiously await Sunday's Super Bowl showdown between the Falcons and the Patriots, it seems plenty more people are keeping their eyes on a groundhog in Pennsylvania. According to Trivago, it's more expensive to get a room in Punxsutawney for Groundhog Day on Thursday than in Houston for the Super Bowl. 

A room in time to watch Punxsutawney Phil decide whether we're heading toward spring or staying in winter will cost you $450. A room in Houston? That'll run you $340. 

In case you think Punxsutawney is just a hot, happening vacation destination, Trivago found prices drop by $300 the day after Groundhog Day. 

Source: CBS Philly

Scientists Tout New Sea Creature Discovery

Scientists think they've found the earliest known ancestor of humans from under the oceans depths. Dubbed Saccorhytus, it's a fossilized microscopic sea animal that traces back some 540-million years in what is believed to be the earliest known path to the evolution of humans. The discovery appears in the publication "Nature."

An international team of researchers from Britain, China and Germany made the discovery in central China. The fossil is described as preserved for being more than 500-million years old. Scientists say with its large mouth, the bag-like creature probably ate food by engulfing particles and other species. Scientists think this discovery led the way from fish eventually to humans. You can see the handsome fella HERE.

Source: Phys.org

Teen Zaps Cop With Stun Gun As Part Of Her Bucket List

Alyssa Elkins is battling leukemia and decided to put together a bucket list with at least one strange dream: to use a stun gun on someone. 

The 16-year-old claims she added the item half-jokingly after seeing video of her state trooper uncle being hit with a Taser during his training. The joke became a reality after local Newark, Ohio  Sergeant Doug Bline stepped up to the plate. 

The cop says being hit with a Taser is an "unpleasant experience" but it was worth it to help fulfill Alyssa's wish.

Source: Fox News


Netflix Gadget Lets You Pick Shows With Your Mind

Netflix is taking laziness to the next level by developing a gadget that lets you pick shows with your mind. Forget about thumbs, because now you don't even have to click to get your favorite show to load. The gadget, dubbed Mindflix, let's you browse titles by moving your head side to side and lets you select one by concentrating on it real hard.

Okay so maybe you're not actually sending psychic signals, but you are sending brain waves through the device to tell Netflix what you want to binge. So no, Netflix can't tell what you're thinking, and that's actually a really good thing.

When will we see it? No clue – talk about the device was part of a Netflix internal meeting, which allows employees to brain storm on new technology.

Source: Mashable

Google Maps Helps You Find Parking Too

Google Maps is on a hot streak. First they announce that they can tell you how crowded a restaurant is at any time, and now, they want to help you find parking. Yes, the tech company now let's you route your journey and figure out what to do with your car when you get there.

Right now the feature is only available to Android users, and the predictive function doesn't actually monitor real time parking possibilities. Instead, Google Maps will use historical data to tell you how crowded a parking lot or neighborhood might be.

The function should rollout to all users soon. Until then, maybe circle the block a few more times.

Source: Google Maps

The Boy Scouts Are Going To Accept Transgender Members

The Boy Scouts of America are about to reverse their stance on transgender participation.

The organization is lifting their ban on transgender boys. Communications Director Effie Delimarkos announced yesterday that they will start accepting applicants "based on the gender identity indicated on the application." This ends the Boy Scouts century-old process of using the gender stated on a birth certificate. Delimarkos says shifting definitions of gender in each state led to the change.

The Boy Scouts of America claim nearly 2.3 million members between the ages of 7 and 21, and the group counts many notable figures among its alumni and volunteers.

One of them, Rex W. Tillerson, President Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, was involved in getting the organization to accept gay scouts and leaders. He was the national president of the Boy Scouts of America from 2010 to 2011 and served on its executive board in 2013 when it voted to lift the ban on gay scouts.Source: New York Times


Someone Actually Robbed A Lemonade Stand

The saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” just played out for two California girls.

Sebastopol, California police are trying to find a lemonade stand thief while also helping the two young victims. They say someone swiped the lemons, ten-dollars in cash and a stuffed toy giraffe from the stand set up by a nine-year-old girl and her friend.

The girls had briefly gone into the house where the stand was set up. When word of the theft got out officers, dispatchers and the police union collected 50-dollars for the girls, the Toyworks toy store gave them a stuffed alligator, a customer kicked in another 20-dollars and Whole Foods donated a crate of lemons.

We bet that lemonade stand will be busy this weekend!Source: KRON


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