Hannah's headlines- 2/7/2017


Uber Working On Flying Car Tech

Uber is working with a veteran NASA engineer in order to advance the goal of flying cars. Mark Moore has 30 years of experience and now he's working on the ride-hailing company's plan to eventually develop vertical take-off and landing vehicles, known as Uber Elevate.

Why shouldn’t you get excited? The company isn't working on a particular prototype, but rather, the technology that flying cars of the future would use. Google is also investing in the dream of flying cars, putting millions into companies working on similar programs.

Why should you get excited? Two reasons. One: Moore and his team believe we’ll see these vehicles as soon as one to three years from now. Two: His move to Uber is a risky one. Moore believes in the project so much that he left NASA one year shy of being eligible for retirement and walked away from free health care for life and a a huge chunk of his pension. As he puts in, he wants “to be in the right place at the right time to make this market real.”

Source: Bloomberg

The Super Bowl Was Not A Hit In The Ratings

Super Bowl 51's ratings were not as thrilling as the game itself. Sunday's battle between the Patriots and Falcons ended up going into overtime for the first time in the history of the title game, and around 111.3-million people tuned in.

That's a big number, but it's also the smallest audience in four years. Strangely enough, the Patriots' last appearance at a Super Bowl back in 2015 was the highest rated ever, with an audience of 114.4-million viewers. 

Source: Reuters

Today is Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

February 7th is Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day! If nothing else, this is a day to tread carefully. Don’t wave your fingers in your neighbors’ faces in an annoying and potentially dangerous manner. As tempting as it might be in some cases, this is not, the point of the day.

This day is actually more about building bridges than destroying them. Instead of greeting your neighbors with a cursory nod as you usually do, on this particular day you should give them a cheery wave. Not just any old cheery wave though; a wave that involves all your fingers.

Pianists have an unfair advantage because they have undergone special training. Anyone can do it though. So come on, try it now. Pretend you!re playing the piano, but the keyboard is tipped towards you at 90 degrees and is somewhere to the right of your head. Raise your right hand, and play something tinkly. You’ve got it!


North Carolina Woman Offering $450,000 Farm to Essay Contest Winner

A North Carolina woman is offering her $450,000 farm for a sharply discounted price -- $300 and a 200-word essay.

Norma Burns, who has run Bluebird Hill Farm in Bennett for 18 years, said she wants to hand the property over to a couple ready for the challenges of farm life, and interested families need only submit a $300 entry free, a resume, and a 200-word essay about why they would be ideal to run the farm.

Burns, who is accepting entries at bluebirdhillfarmessaycontest.com, said essays have already started pouring in and the contest isn't over until June 1.

"The first person who called said, 'Is this for real?' And I said, 'This is for real.' For sure," Burns told WNCN-TV.

"As soon as it went out it just kind of exploded," Burns said. "I've heard from people I haven't heard from in 20 years, calling and saying 'Oh I wish I could have that farm. Most of them are too old. So it's just been a real surprise. A pleasant surprise."

Burns told The Citizen-Times of Asheville that she is seeking a "committed couple" to run the farm because experience has taught her that it's too much for a single person to handle.

"It's too much work for one person. I've worked from dawn til dark for most of the 18 years. My body won't let me do it anymore," Burns said.

Link: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/02/06/North-Carolina-woman-offering-450000-

You Can Win A Six-Bedroom House For $2.50

Strapped for cash but in the market for a new house? Dunstan Low may be your man. The 37-year-old is struggling to find a buyer for his six-bedroom manor house in Lancashire, England so now he's raffling it off. 

"After lovingly renovating our house between 2011 and 2012 we have struggled to pay the mortgage," Low explains, "and have tried but failed to sell the property through traditional routes and we would like to avoid repossession."

The house is currently on the market for around $810-thousand, but a raffle ticket only costs $2.50 a pop. If the house sells prior to August 1st, all the money raised will become the prize money for the winning raffle ticket.

The best part? It seems like the contest is open US citizens. Check outthe rules and get your raffle ticket here.  

Source: Win A Country House

Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagels Are Here

Cheetos fans have big reason to celebrate. A bagel shop in New Jersey has introduced the Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagel and the Dorito Bagel to their insane menu.

Yes, the Bagel Nook's owner Alex Berkowitz seems to know what the customers want.

"The idea of the Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagel was developed because most of our bagels are sweet," said Berkowitz. "We first started with a savory spinach garlic, then decided that was too common."

Want one? You'll have to get there early. Berkowitz says they sell out every single day. Oh, and maybe start off with regular cream cheese instead of the ghost pepper cream cheese (just a suggestion).

Source: Mashable


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